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6 years ago#1
I've played through this game several times now and recently a question has been nagging me about Epros. How is it that when the other fake Evil Kings were defeated, they lost (seemingly) all their power to Stan. Yet Epros is still able to float and even teleport. If that power wasn't from Stan, exactly what is Epros? He's the most human-looking of the fake Evil Kings yet he is able to perform non-human feats without the power of the Evil King.

Plus his knowledge of Belioune (sp?), being one of two Evil kings to know and it seems, willingly work for him. Until his defeat to Ari and group seemed to prompt Epros' curiousity. It's a shame the game doesn't shed more light on him as I think there is a lot of room to work with.
6 years ago#2
Nice pondering. A couple of things spring to my mind.

PEK might be "fake evil king" version 2.0 and still in beta testing. Or maybe v1.5 and still a step below Beiloune's "ultimate" fake evil king design, with only a few select features being tested out. Like awareness.

Or maybe Ari's unclassified status is upsetting the balance in Beiloune's scheme, introducing factors he'd not accounted for, spawning runaway forking tasks and a cascade of malfunctions.

I always took PEK's attitude as one of resignment rather than cooperation. He's both aware, and aware he's incapable of directly changing the situation. He's also cognizant of Ari's unique status and aware that something profoundly unique could change what he himself cannot. Once that occurs and his classification shifts to "Epros: Ally", his added "features" (inate magic, floatiness) are still his own.

Just a few thoughts, all FWIW naturally. Block is another one that doesn't fall back on the compulsion excuse. Interesting stuff, eh?
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6 years ago#3
The thought of Epros being a sort of prototype (I guess) of the ulimate (fake) Evil King is interesting. It would make sense that B wouldn't just create one on the spot and Epros was powerful enough. I don't know about him being resigned about not being able to change anything though, he never struck as being such. Based on some of his remarks, he acts like he is simply trying to find answers, like what makes Ari so special. I have to replay this game to see what he says.

Though I definitly agree Ari was throwing a wrench into B's plans regardless. It's probably why B tried to erase him for the world.
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