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Must not die!
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brute_strength14912/19 10:47AM
Anyone here wanna play Tunnel Method or pc version? (Archived)SILENTGHOSTS96211/1 10:20PM
Halo Master Chief Collection to include Halo 1 original multiplayer ONLINE (Archived)
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fiasco86168/29 7:50AM
So for some reason, the song Bittersweet Symphony reminds me of Halo. (Archived)fiasco8668/15 5:26PM
Bringing back Halo! (Archived)SILENTGHOSTS9615/8 6:17AM
Will the Halo series ever produce a game better than Halo CE? (Poll)fiasco86101/12 12:35PM
I am Master Chief (Archived)thedarkknight1q26/27/2013
Well, I'm sad to say that this board has died. (Archived)Fingerpuppet26/4/2013
RIsing from the ashes. (Archived)Halo_Forever24/12/2013
i love u (Archived)SexPantherPanda24/3/2013
How much would you pay for Halo 1 on XBL? (Archived)
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this is the hardest game to run over enemies with a warthog (Archived)ItsYerBoy102/19/2013
Want to play on XBC? A community exists to schedule times (Archived)DaruniaTheGoron12/11/2013
Name of all the games in the demos sections? Trailers included. (Archived)Stealthlys22/10/2013
This is CE Multiplayer! (Archived)RoboT_Ripper512/23/2012
This is where you casuals belong (Archived)AIbertWeskerr312/20/2012
The Halo: Combat Evolved guest book (Archived)
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Favorite level in Halo CE (Poll)
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Can you tunnel this game on an XBox 360? (Archived)harrykid129/21/2012
Gameplay Hours (Archived)toxic_jackal49/6/2012