Old Farts IV: One Foot in the Grave (on B4)

#61tazman_8806Posted 9/1/2007 10:08:28 PM
Hello all,

I am fairly new to the message boards, but I have played W:TOTFL a couple of times and have always liked that style of gameplay. I don't have a DS so, I guess I am missing out on EO, but I did pick up an interesting RPG on the PSP called Kingdom of Paradise. Really, it's nothing like Wizardry since it is in real time but it is an very good storyline and play mechanics if anyone has the time or hardware(PSP). I will probably check into this board in the next day or two so if anyone has started playing KOP, I'll be back then if you have any questions. Back to Wizardry though, I started over with a neut elf warrior. Not the greatest combo I know, but with the glitch in the game at the start he started out w/ 20 extra ability points.
#62thunderstruck9Posted 9/2/2007 4:52:47 PM
Glitch? What glitch?
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#63tazman_8806Posted 9/2/2007 7:22:31 PM
Take note that this glitch can take time due to the randomization of W:TOTFL's ability point assignments. Normal point ranges are 1-12.

But if you pick an elf as your starting character either neutral or evil, you can re-roll until you get point ranges from 13-30. Once again this is random, so, it may take a while for you to get more than 13. That's why I settled when I hit 20.
#64thunderstruck9Posted 9/4/2007 8:22:33 AM
O thats not a glitch. You can do that with any class race alignment if your patient enough. It's been that way in past Wizardry's too.
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Does anyone have an email for Kotonk? It's not like him to be quiet this long. Just wondering.
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#66HardSync(Topic Creator)Posted 9/15/2007 1:03:21 AM
No, Wolf. No contact info on his profile either, but he has logged into gamefaqs recently. At least he's alive and well. We'll see him eventually, when he remembers that he's an old fart... :)
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another weekend upon us ... is it my imagine, or does time pass more quickly as one gets older?

Curently playing shadow hearts:covenant, an ok game but no fun in new game+ as too much carries over. it's been a while since the last play though and i'm enjoying it though. it'll keep me ticking until HSO finishes rogure galaxy....
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#68starstrayPosted 9/23/2007 2:24:38 AM
A question about the reaper.

I know possession has influence on Trust, when a party member is possessed. But what about the main-chara -aka- the hero? Does it affect Trust (gaining and maintaining) in any way, if your hero is the only one possessed?
#69thunderstruck9Posted 9/25/2007 8:04:27 PM
I don't think possession affects your trust level when any of your party is possessed. May be wrong, but I never noticed the little flaming down indicator of it. I know you don't run around with a paralyzed or poisoned person. That really pisses 'em off. lol
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#70starstrayPosted 9/30/2007 2:50:51 AM
That's good, because I'm running around with 2 people possessed (the hero and Rui) cleaning out the 4th floor with all the undead. I only have 4 magical weapons so 2 possessed people who can kill the undead with normal weapons are kind of nifty.

Question: The "Shade's Knife" is effective against all undead - except Undead Kobolds... is it a glitch or is there some other reason?

Another Question, this time about the Side-Quests:
How come some of them are not available despite me being already way past any possible challenge they could pose? F.e. Helga's quests. I'm already halfway through the 4th floor and it didn't come up till now. Did I miss something?
If there are special requirements for some quests, what are they?

I know the last time I played this game I did Helga's quest ... but it was about 2 years ago already, so I cannot remember when and how...

I know it's not really necessary to do quests to finish the game, but I hate to leave things incomplete.
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