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finished Seasons, now taking down Ages
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Torches/candles in mermaid cave?
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Growth of the ChildGolden_Torizo110/14 4:13PM
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Can't seem to access the Password Generator...Can anyone help me out? (Archived)King_of_Flan19/2 4:43PM
In the first ten minutes, it almost made me cry. (Archived)icemario1228/27 10:18PM
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I forget, what triggers the treasure hunting Goron? (Archived)HylianFox77/16 10:56AM
Does this version fix that stupid "Knox" typo in a linked game? (Archived)
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HylianFox167/12 6:00PM
Just a few corrections for the Bipin/Blossom Son FAQ (spoilers, maybe?) (Archived)Rocky241887/1 7:45AM
Stumbled upon a dialogue glitch pertaining to Bipin and Blossom's son (Archived)Rocky241846/29 10:12PM
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Quick question about the end of a Hero Linked game (after credits) (Archived)Rocky241876/23 2:14PM
I find this whole "Hero" and "Linked" Game so confusing. Please help! (Archived)
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One more minor question. (Archived)cowboybbp136/19 3:43PM