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Do I need the L-2 sword to reflect Kotake and Koume's attacks in Room of Rites (Archived)watkinzez28/1 6:15PM
Need some help with rings (Archived)Pika_number_one97/13 10:39AM
Goron Dance Controls (Archived)AgentCPU055/19 10:02PM
Wild Tokay game - no more Rupees (Archived)Linkster45/19 9:47PM
Bipin 3 Unknown Flags (Archived)dswizard104/25 1:48PM
Goron Dance Frustration (Archived)Guergy14/16 11:53PM
Patch's Mini-Game isn't working? (Archived)imdebomb214/1 1:30PM
Question about linking (Archived)Yeong-Tae43/22 2:12AM
Is this what you would call OCD? (spoilers*) (Archived)Magmasta43/21 2:41PM
Green Ring? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
worldends08123/18 5:56PM
I just need the Light Ring L-2 (Archived)worldends0863/14 5:37PM
Need help getting to two screens in Talus Peaks (past) (Archived)ReVenANT148943/2 4:39PM
Replayed this giant maze of a game (Archived)Magmasta42/28 8:27AM
Mermaid Cave? More like... I dunno... Jerk Cave (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
AtomicCEO292/20 8:55AM
What is there to do, now that I've defeated Veran? (Archived)deathguise95042/13 1:05AM
So uh.. how do I activate the last part of Bipin/Blossom's son? (Archived)EternalSpirit51/29 10:30PM
I am so lost.. (Archived)EternalSpirit21/20 7:43PM
Need help finding a couple of screens (Archived)EternalSpirit41/20 3:41PM
Version 2.0 of my password generator and decoder (Archived)kabili20761/17 4:19PM
Now that Majoras Mask 3DS has been announced.. (Archived)MC Link312/21 6:42AM
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