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Regular Gem Still a Problem for Tsunami | Level 12; Fire, Warp 3; Coco; PS2 (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
falconesque198/16 7:56AM
coco? (Archived)Yuzurika29/4/2013
30 Platinum Relics Completion (Archived)videogamer8964112/22/2013
Looking for Crash and Burn storyboards (Archived)MASNAR50111/13/2012
Anybody think they should make this PS2 classic on psn? (Archived)donkeycoot23328/21/2012
The most annoying "rolling inside a ball" level for relics (Archived)FryDays500016/5/2012
all4onecause2 (Archived)Tails28814/12/2012
This is best selling crash game? (Archived)Honestgamers13/7/2012
Greatest Hits version (Archived)gearratio11/13/2012
(Unofficial) World Record for the time trial (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]
The most awsome thing with Crunch in this game is... (Archived)SpirtualCrystos111/17/2009
Level 9---What is the target? (Archived)sylvia1974210/19/2009
the other 11 gems (Archived)ThEjOkErIsWiLd210/15/2009
I just >%100 this game for the first time! Within a day! (Archived)ssj_duelist29/22/2009
Thinking about getting this, help please (Archived)He_Who_Playeth47/31/2009
Load Time for Coral Canyon (Archived)falconesque47/23/2009
Regular gem for Tsunami/Coco Level (Archived)falconesque47/23/2009
what your completion percentage? (Archived)Kuffalti11/6/2009
why didn't anything happen when i got the last two gems? (Archived)mgs4manj211/25/2008
Worst crash game! (Archived)Philx3811/13/2008
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