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6 years ago#1
Hey whoever may still be reading this board :D I have a question.

I finished the story yesterday and I've been working on covering up graffiti, finding souls and doing challenges. There are a few levels I've gotten everything in (those being dogenzaka hill, rokkaku-dai heights, and sky dinosaurian square) but all of the challenges for each won't show up. For example, flag battle only shows up for rokkaku dai. The others only show up for d. hill. Why? D: I've gotten everything for the other levels I mentioned (all graffiti, challenges done, and souls) ... Is there some way to switch levels that i'm not aware of? I noticed there's a weird looking graph of sorts next to the scoreboard, do I have to do the challenge multiple times for each dot or something? lulz just a guess.

I hope someone can answer. If not 'll go comb the FAQs for an answer again. XD None of them seemed to help, just asking if I really completed story mode, and did all of the challenges.

Lastly.... I <3 JSRF!! I found the game late, my boyf suggested the game to me a bit ago and I've been playing at every chance I can get. Wish I had found it sooner when everyone else was still really into it P:
6 years ago#2
Each level has a Jet Graf, Jet Technique, and either a Dash or a Flag but not both. Sounds like you're not doing anything wrong.

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6 years ago#3
lol, beat IS my favorite character. ;D I find him to be oddly sexy.

not long after I posted this topic, I found out the problem, I wasn't aware that I could move the analog stick to switch levels for each jet level. I was stuck on dogenzaka hill. FAIL. Now I've got everything in every level except the fortified residential zone which I haven't started. And a few pesky test runs.

Is there anything special at the end of the game when you have everything? It does not really matter to me if there is, I will work till the end regardless :D
6 years ago#4
Kinda, but not REALLY. All that really happens is the souls spell out something in the selection box, and IIRC there is a secret little graffitti that's added to the selection/create-a-tag somewhere but I don't think I've ever even seen it. Honestly the best part about the endgame is just using your favorite character and checking out some of the little things in the enviornment. In fact check this out; The Doom Clock

If you go to Kibogoaka Hill, where all the giant electrical lines are, then grind on the top-right and land on the highest platform. Right in front of the gate you walk through to get a soul there is a clock that is usually either around 10 minutes and something or 17 minutes and something when you run into it. If you wait until it hits 18 (give it five seconds to start) it does a little dance.
why is i here
6 years ago#5
Yeah there are small little nuances the developers put in the game that are reflecting the japanese culture and some humorous things. The one guy running around in circles in fortified residential zone and the old guy talking to 2 chicks in the egyptian area are a few.
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6 years ago#6
"In fact check this out; The Doom Clock"
Oh yeah :D I saw something about the clocks in one of the faqs and found a youtube video showing what happens. I went to see it for myself a few times too. :) If you do a jet dash run for kibagoaka hill, I can usually get to the clock and it will be about 10-15 secs before the clock does its little dance. I wonder if the clock in RDH does anything? Or if that statue has any real meaning?

And I love all the people too! I remember there's sometimes people sitting together like in a dead end alley in hikage street, and I think by the edge of the land in RDH, it looks kind of suggestive. And I love dashing through all of the "ahh he touched my butt!" ladies in the fortified residential zone. XD
6 years ago#7
No the guy in the FAQ said he tried a bunch of things to make it dance and couldn't... but who knows, MAYBE I'LL BE THE FIRST
why is i here
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