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OMG I GOT THE COMBO DISK TO WORk ON 360 FOR THIS GAME( i have no clue how) (Archived)sinder_v257/22/2010
Per the new sequel.... (Archived)blackhrt67/15/2010
The Answer (Archived)DerMondNerv107/12/2010
...Oh my god guys. (Archived)Robin099987/11/2010
Anyone know where to find mp3s of Professor K? (Archived)MrFunkCakes57/9/2010
Guys, I made an amazing (self) discovery today. Kinda. (Archived)17538264977/6/2010
Is it possible to re-battle Gouji on the same save file? (Archived)Amphax37/6/2010
Recite Old JSRF Songs! (Archived)xXPoisonJamXx87/5/2010
hes comin out again for a new point (Archived)robsox67/5/2010
Fortified Residential Zone (Archived)
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Another E3 goes by.. (Archived)Twisted_JAX46/25/2010
Anyway at all to share graffiti? (Archived)harrykid166/22/2010
Leaving This Board... (Archived)xXPoisonJamXx36/22/2010
I'm surprised there isn't a next gen sequel. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Started a new playthrough after not playing for years... (Archived)17538264956/20/2010
What's that song from the first game? (Archived)RommelMcDonald756/14/2010
If this is released as an XLA game, can we expect online multiplayer? (Archived)RollDatKatamari26/13/2010
Rumor: Jet Set Radio (DC) is headed for the XBLA (Archived)
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long game??? (Archived)
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About the Clutch glitch (Archived)Groudon199106/2/2010
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