Help against grenades

#1SurnisPosted 11/14/2008 10:10:41 AM

There is no FAQ about this game, but I really need help with it! I'm not that great in RTS in general, and I really can't get anywhere in this one!

The trouble is nazi grenades. They just throw them in the pack of soldiers and it's imposible to have them move out of the way in time. With other weapons, you can fall back and get healed, but these kill in one hit, and each nazi soldier has many of them! I tried making smaller groups, easier to make dodge, but the great speed of the game means that while i'm micro managing a group, the others get killed. I tried the trick i used in warcraft, send a scout ahead, activate a few ennemies then run to the rest of the group (which is in agressive mode) to get destroyed, but that only prolongs the game a bit, grenades still destroy all of us soon enough.

I'm out of ideas now, and frankly, not having any fun in my last attempts. I am aware that there is a code to get in god mode, but I haven't tried it, that's not really what I want. Surely, there must be a good RTS player that got somewhere with this game that could give me some pointers?

So far, i only made the omaha landing, I'm already stuck at the second scenarios, and I'm playing on easy! Not very encouraging.

Thanks a lot for any support