Anyone else get killed from rediculous positions sometimes?

#1Andy1005Posted 9/6/2011 10:01:21 AM
As I have been playing this game on veteran, I have become overly frustrated with it.

Now, I know in this game when you are getting killed, there is usually an enemy hidden somewhere where he can see you and you can't. That I can accept. But this is what pisses me off; I frequently find myself getting killed from a position where it seems the enemy could not possibly see me.

Take the mission Gold Mountain for example. In the part of the area that has the helipad/extraction point I recieved a quite rediculous death from a Russian either somehow guiding his bullets around a corner, or simply shooting through the wall. On Veteran, there are four primary guards which guard the floor level of the helipad. One is by the buses, in the street you take to continue the mission. The other is inside the courtyard with the extraction point building. After you kill the one in the street, there is another further down that street who basically comes from the same angle. Then, finally there is one who is pretty well hidden, presumably off to the right, near the stairwell you take to go up to the helipad. Now, considering I'm not exactly sure where this fourth Russian(who seems to have a support style gun) spawns, I would normally have said he was somewhere other than he seemed to be.

However, he proved he was basically shooting us from behind the wall. He was so far off to the right of the stairwell entrance to the extraction zone courtyard that he could not be seen, even from a leaning angle. I leaned around the corner and looked, and then there was nothing.

Then, he proceeds to kill my whole team, and from the 'corpse' position, I see him come out from exactly where he seemed to be; to the right, from where the stairwell is. So I was wondering if this makes sense to anyone. I know this game is fairly realistic, so could he have been literally shooting through the wall with his support gun and killing us? Or is it just me or does the enemy sometimes frequently kill you from where they can't see you? Please note that all the other guards(except for the ones ontop of the building) in that area were already dead. The one who did the "mystery shooting" was the only floor level guard left in that area.

Now, I understand that the enemies in this game have similar reactions the bots of counterstrike, very good ones. I also understand that enemies like this can shoot you even if to a human player they would be invisible;(I.E. it's very dark or the player is fairly well covered) But it's kind of a trial when the enemy just shoots you right through actual, rock solid cover.

This seems to happen every once in a while, I hate when you get killed by someone when there is no red-light and then you look at the map and there is also no "Red Enemy blip) which you would be visible too. (Instead, you're apparently getting killed by a "greyed out blip" which is hiding directly behind a building and is completely invisible. (This one was happening on the mission directly before Gold Mountain, I forget the name.)

I frequently find myself asking in the game "Where the ()*@# IS this guy!"

Personally, I think it should be a rule of thumb that if an enemy has killed one of your men he should appear on radar.
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Now I've also experienced this on Witch Hunt now aswell.

We had destroyed the SAM site, and we were moving in on the SE house when it happened.

I launched a grenade and we killed all three soldiers out front of the SE house. Now, here's what pisses me off. I KNOW there are at least 2 or three enemies behind the house aswell. BUT, the radar showed that there were 2 enemies who were distinctively hiding behind the house(and, of course, they are not physically visible to us at all) There is a small, unimportant house near to the SE house. We were hiding to the right of this house(if you were facing to the SE house it would be to the right anyway) And, radar registers 2 enemies behind the house. Now this I really, really don't get. FROM BEHIND THE HOUSE, they wounded me, killed one of my men, AND killed me without coming out from behind the house. Seriously, WTF? I was also not directly in front of the window house either, so even if one of the enemies from the NE house area had come out, I should not have been visible from behind the house.
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