Does anyone else think the computer teammates kind of suck?

#1Andy1005Posted 9/6/2011 12:34:20 PM
I am now playing through the game again on Veteran. In this second playthrough, I have noticed the results are consistent with how well my teammates did the last time.

I typically GREATLY outpreform my teammates. The soldier(or soldiers) I control typically ends a mission with about 12 or more kills, whereas, consistantly the soldiers controlled by the computer all only have about 1.

Getting to be a kill hog is fun and all but I kind of think the game would be better if your teammates were better. Even when we are holding position, I am typically the only one looking for/shooting the enemy, which can at times cause me to get killed because I am the only one doing any work.

This theory is proven extra by the fact that I cannot, ever seem to trust my teammates to to secure a certain area or secure a certain mission objective.

If I want something done, I MUST be in charge of the team I use, or, typically the whole team will die. Even if I send them through the same route I would use myself.

I just don't get it though. The enemy soldiers reactions are so computer-esquely perfect, why is it not the same way for your teammates? I guess they were just trying to make it so the player got to make a few kills. Really, I don't care so much about how many kills i make as much as I care about everyone remaining alive. Sucks that I can't trust the team to do anything for themselves.

And, if the enemy is visible I am typically the first one to spot/shoot them. It's pretty much a rarity to see the computer make more than 1 kill for me.
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