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7 years ago#1
The famous long topic has been archived and will be part of GameFAQs history forever.!!!!!!!!
7 years ago#2
dead man walking.

excellent way to close the topic
gnome, I insult your hometown with various stereotypes - ActJef1077
7 years ago#3
Not Changing This Sig Until Randy Orton Becomes A Face
-Started 11/07/06
7 years ago#4
This sig won't change until CJayC comes back or posts in one of my topics. Began 7/19/07
7 years ago#5
I now have closure.

Thank you.
7 years ago#6
To 500!!!
7 years ago#7
yeah i know, it was one of the oldest topics i have ever posted in
7 years ago#8
I can't believe it made it to 500, can't believe i was the second poster, and I can't believe it still has its own board. Like someone else said, to 500!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mark Martin Fan and Denver Broncos Fan
7 years ago#9
500 it is.
7 years ago#10
The official supporter of Snitsky Geneboat
Creator of WWE: The Musical. May it Rest in Peace
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