WTC Level version

#11huladog123Posted 1/31/2009 2:34:59 PM
Jayar, you seriously don't know how lucky you are. That game may easily be worth quadruple the cost of the post 9/11 version.
#12huladog123Posted 1/31/2009 2:35:54 PM
Oh yeah, and I'm looking that video up on youtube.
#13Jayar(Topic Creator)Posted 2/1/2009 2:45:34 PM
Well, I've tried selling it on eBay, but no one apparently wants it!

I'll take a few pictures of the differences for you guys, and maybe within the end of the month I'll have a video to show for you.
#14huladog123Posted 2/8/2009 12:33:46 PM
You should try selling it on amazon or craigslist. Those markets might be a bit more reliable if you're trying to sell something.