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Dead board is dead, but I'll post anyway. My opinion. (Archived)TheRob15/2 8:23PM
For those who want anotger clock tower game... (Archived)Gin_Devil13/24 7:46AM
Haunting Ground > Rule of Rose > Clock Tower 3 (Archived)xXMythieXx39/11/2012
You know the drill. Can't beat the final boss and all that jazz. (Archived)xXMythieXx26/29/2012
New info on 2012's official "Clock Tower" Movie (Archived)brettyler112/3/2011
Real Life Clock Tower (Fan Film) (Archived)Pilch12429/20/2011
Clock Tower Sequel to the 1st game (Archived)brettyler12/1/2011
They need to make another one!!!! (Archived)wirelesscandie112/29/2010
Ruined the series? (Archived)Punishme43/12/2010
The Clock Tower 3 "Hurt-Heal" game, come all.... (Archived)
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Vote for a new Clock Tower game! (Archived)SyberiaWinx31/16/2010
Pursuer's Quotes (Archived)LemonPenguin111/5/2009
This was posted earlier. All Japanese and American costumes for Alyssa. (Archived)SwedFish110/30/2009
Similarities between CT3 and Eternal Darkness (Archived)sugarcube666510/1/2009
What is the name of the song that May plays in the piano? (Archived)arkcantus59/19/2009
Should I get this? (Archived)
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Finish the Game and... <SPOILERS> (Archived)masked_yazoo28/12/2009
Got the Game, Few Questions <SPOILERS> (Archived)masked_yazoo58/12/2009
*possible spoilers* Capcom running out of designs? (Archived)ghostofX67/28/2009
About Nancy..... (SPOILERS!) (Archived)LemonPenguin56/27/2009
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