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can anyone please help, iv just got forza horizon and iv recently purchased and downloaded a batman themed paint job from the storefront but am unable to apply it to my cars, or is it that you have to buy the same car that the paint job is on in the storefront. hope someone can tell me. thanx, the turtle with pants

This board is for contributor-related issues, not game help. To find the game you are looking for, type the name into the search bar located at the top of any page and click "go".

The Forza Horizon board is here:
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This board is for contributor-related issues

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Let's get this topic back on track, shall we?

Total Files Contributed: 4 (191KB)
Complete FAQs/Guides Contributed: 1
Codes Contributed: 730 (105 games)
Game Data Contributed: 249
Box Images Contributed: 5
Screenshots Contributed: 86649
Video Links Contributed: 496

Only a few screenshots more than before, but plenty of new video walkthroughs up....I can just imagine the number of videos I'd have up if I actually cut them into 10 minute segments like the rest of the world seems to do.... >_>
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Total Files Contributed: 14 (582KB)
Complete FAQs/Guides Contributed: 9
Codes Contributed: 147 (27 games)
Reviews Contributed: 23 (140KB)
Game Data Contributed: 116
Top 10 Lists Contributed: 6
Box Images Contributed: 2
Screenshots Contributed: 4

Contributed some codes for Halo 4's Crimson Map Pack. It was my first contribution in years, which made me very sad when I realized this
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Game Data Contributed: 2
Box Images Contributed: 1
Screenshots Contributed: 99
Video Links Contributed: 2
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Total Files Contributed: 1217 (3864KB)
Complete FAQs/Guides Contributed: 28
Images Contributed: 1179
Codes Contributed: 103 (11 games)
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Total Files Contributed: 1235 (3864KB)
Complete FAQs/Guides Contributed: 28
Images Contributed: 1197
Codes Contributed: 103 (11 games)
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Total Files Contributed: 15 (248KB)
Complete FAQs/Guides Contributed: 15
Game Data Contributed: 36
Box Images Contributed: 26
Screenshots Contributed: 40
Video Links Contributed: 8
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Reviews Contributed: 64 (497KB)
Game Data Contributed: 5
Screenshots Contributed: 18
Video Links Contributed: 1