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Sealed-J Sword?!!!! Help....

#1lilburritoPosted 4/21/2009 1:46:16 PM
I've been hunting for a long time with my Skyly, but this sword wont show its face. Is there an easier way to get this sword? And how do you combine the sange and yasha if you get both of them.
#2TheRandomHunterPosted 4/21/2009 2:48:56 PM
You can hack one, or find someone to dupe a SJS for you. Those are the only "easier" ways to get them.

I THINK the way you combine a Sange and a Yasha is to equip the one who's %s you want to keep, then find the other one and "use" it.

Most people will get a high hit Sange (40+ hit), equip it, then "Use" the Yasha to get a Sange and Yasha with 40+ hit.
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#3swolemdjPosted 4/22/2009 1:25:31 PM
its like a 1/12000 drop. Persistance is the only way to get it
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