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Its been a month...

#1Ice_ShieldPosted 6/24/2012 7:26:47 PM
None of you play Diablo 3? I. NEED. FRIENDS! Besides, its fun to see their fanbase freak out over things like the difficulty of the final difficulty level, or the fact that they only have an 8% drop rate of end game equipment. The game is awesome and I'm sure any PSO player will enjoy it as much as I do.

Anyways sorry for making another thread. I just figured I'd ask again now that the game has been out for a month. If you want to add me, my battletag is HolyMythos#1153.
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#2game_manderPosted 6/29/2012 7:25:18 PM
I actually bought PSO because of its similarity to Diablo 1 and 2 and wanted this kind of game for a console. However, I probably won't be playing Diablo 3 because I refuse to pay for a game that won't allow me to play it offline. Internet down? "Let's play Diablo 3 while we wait for it to come back on." "Oh wait! Can't do that!" 10 years later, "Let's play Diablo 3, it's still a great game." "Oh wait!, no servers" Now I'm sitting with a useless piece of software. What a scam.
#3Zaron9Posted 6/30/2012 10:06:53 AM
To be fair, it should be a very long time before Blizzard shuts the D3 servers offline. I'm pretty sure they are still running D1 and Warcraft 2 servers right now.