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shield dropping...

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3 years ago#1
Is it even useful? I have so much trouble performing it.
I end up sidestepping/spot dodging a lot
3 years ago#2
it's extremely useful.

you have so many more options with shieldropping it's great.

ofc not gamebreaking or anything but it's gud
3 years ago#3
are non-fastfallers able to move quickly enough to do anything? say for instance in a marth ditto i'm stuck on the platform; if i shield a utilt, could i shield drop quickly enough to use dair before the next utilt comes?
3 years ago#4
very yes
3 years ago#5
the correct answer is no
You making me dancing.
3 years ago#6
except it's actually yes
3 years ago#7
i am going to trust sleepy k because he is korean
3 years ago#8
Marth is dumb who cares.
{ATHF} Number of 1 second difference posts: 63 Same time: 28
no - alucard13
3 years ago#9

From: SweetxSerenity | #007
i am going to trust sleepy k because he is korean

3 years ago#10
does the k in your name stand for king
because if it doesn't it should

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