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User Info: knoxvader

3 years ago#1

feels weird
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User Info: Habefiet

3 years ago#2
It is as yet unclear whether that list is official in any capacity... though I have to say I like it because it coincides with many of my opinions (Puff/Ganon/DK lower, Yoshi/YL/Pika higher).

Someone in the topic posed the question of how he selected the "official" voters and I too would like to know this because some of the people on his list are both not-that-great-at-the-game and not-involved-in-the-scene-much-anymore so they seem kinda... odd.

User Info: Iamthehylian

3 years ago#3
I wonder what it'd look like if he counted all the votes.
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User Info: knoxvader

3 years ago#4
my personal picks would be hbox's or hax's
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User Info: CStick

3 years ago#5
looks about right.
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User Info: CubeTV

3 years ago#6
Awesome! I did not like how the old tier lists had seven different (S, A, B, C, D, E and F) tiers. Since this one has been reduced to only four (S, A, B and F), it already looks better! It also gives a big SSB64 feeling with there only being four tiers. The description of each tier also helps more:

S- Viable Tier. All characters in this range are viable for competing.
A- Semi-Viable Tier. These characters have been shown by their dedicated players to have the tools to compete, though it is apparent that they are slightly disadvantaged.
B- Probably Not Viable Tier. Some players have done well with these characters in specific match-ups, but for the most part they aren't viable for winning tournaments.
F- Just Leave Them Alone Tier. Its probably for the best.

This is something I can relate to because Mario is one of my best characters in the game. I know for a fact he's not the best (but far from the worst) which is why I use someone who is better at competing like Captain Falcon.

Overall, this is the first Melee tier list that I've seen updated ever since I started playing competitively (while still playing casual Pokeball only matches here and there) back in 2011 and it is so amazing being a part of it all.

User Info: Hrezs

3 years ago#7
Yoshi before zelda. You cant the tier list on gfaqs again

User Info: GuiltyLove

3 years ago#8
Tier list is approximately pointless

User Info: b0ltmAg3

3 years ago#9
something like that
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User Info: sixty9percent--

3 years ago#10

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