make Luigi's Mansion 2 already!! its been 6 years!

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User Info: coolpizzacook

8 years ago#131
since i haven't posted in a while here portrat ghost!

super macho ghost (name is that i made it that cause i want lol name ghost) so you find him in a wannabe room of the muscle mans name in the first one wich is all we have ps i don't look at there names end of ps ok so to make him notice you don't punch a punching bag so you just call for daisey (i want a purpose for it this time darn'it) anyways just after that wait for him and hit bags till then he plays a little simon says game thing where you hit them in a order like left right up right down then you do that a few times and then you hit them on him and pwn your self sometimes to make him laugh and stand still around 3 punchs and suck hem up

User Info: LuigiFan174

8 years ago#132

coolpizzacook send more ideas please so we could make a bucket full of em. then we will be rich for making this game!

User Info: saiiko

8 years ago#133
Hmm, did I post here before? Either way, you have my support as well. XD 6.5 years after the first game, I still have hope for a sequel. So, some may think LM wasn't an all too great game, but it certainly was unique!

A few months back my cuz and I were inspired by everybody's ideas here and we had our own debated discussion offline. It inspired me so much, I drew a artwork for it, but anyway, I digress. ^^;;

You have another supporter! XD

User Info: JW ACE

8 years ago#134
The only reason I think there should be a sequel is to do the poltergeist with the Wii remote.

Sometimes a sequel is not needed. Part of the problem with games today is that everyone wants a remake or a sequel...create some new ideas. (case in much as I'm crazy about a new Indiana Jones movie...its telling me that even Speilburg is starting to run out of fresh ideas)
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Bring back PQ,KQ, and GK!!! Long live Sierra.
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  3. make Luigi's Mansion 2 already!! its been 6 years!

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