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9 years ago#1
That "Mario is Missing" never existed, so "Luigi's Mansion" is the first game for Luigi to star in.
9 years ago#2
Not changing sig until the Seahawks win the Super Bowl
9 years ago#3
"Free-roam element is awesome. Not much to do, but it's still cool on the hugeass bike." - MasterSwordWeilder0 on No More Heroes
9 years ago#4


that game is pretty stupid anyway...

9 years ago#5
What the hell is 'Mario is Missing' (see what I did there)?
I don't want a stupid signature... Oops.
9 years ago#6
Basically an education geography game starring Luigi, where he searches for Mario, it was terrible.
9 years ago#7
i know! i had that game! i couldn't even figure out what i was supposed to do!
9 years ago#8
FIND DA-*shot*
9 years ago#9
Michael Jackson loves you
not changing signature until luigi's mansion 2 is made
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9 years ago#10
^i support you
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