I love this game....

#1Kenny18Posted 1/17/2008 8:36:10 PM
I just absolutely love it!
was one of my first cube games :D
anyone else have a big appreciation for this game?
gotta play through it again sometime >_>
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#2Mark86hPosted 1/18/2008 1:52:00 PM
It's my favorite GCN game.
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#3PsyfonPosted 1/18/2008 8:43:45 PM
It was my first GCN game. I still play it. I think I'm on my 4th go through.
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#4tequileroPosted 1/20/2008 2:24:29 PM
Yep,that game is enjoyable,I still play it once in a while.
#5GOLD_sonicPosted 1/20/2008 9:56:35 PM
Even though it's short as ****, it's fun as hell! :)
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