Make Luigi's Mansion 2 already!! It's been 7 years XD

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8 years ago#1
We all agree the should be a sequel. This is a signing party. Sign, then talk about your ideas for number 2 or just talk about Luigi's Mansion. Have fun! (Thx to Drennan13 for making the other one)
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8 years ago#2
*signs* I'm an alt, so I'll just copy and paste my ideas from Drennan's topic.
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8 years ago#3

Luigi goes over to his new Mansion he bought with his money, and when he arrives he finds a letter on the ground:
Dear Luigi,

I came over here to see if the Mansion was safe, and when I arrrived ghosts led by, someone familar, attacked me. I'm now being held captive. I called Mario and he tried sneaking in to rescue me, but he was captured as well. Thus, a green toad sent out paper and pen, allowing me to write this. Please defeat the ghosts and rescue us. I have no idea where we are. Just find the all-new poltergust 4000 in my lab and the Game Boy advance. Then you're good to go.

Sincerely, Proffesor E. Gadd.


Luigi goes around a 4-floor Mansion, with all-new ghosts and all-new puzzles. It's 7 areas long, and you can unlock mini-games in which you play fun, classic Mario levels as Luigi. If I have more ideas, I'll post them.
I'm a kid. Who's also a hawk.
8 years ago#4
Those were my ideas posted in my Mark86h account. Here are my accounts:

I'm a kid. Who's also a hawk.
8 years ago#5
and copied my topic why?
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8 years ago#6
It could be a castle or something or woods or even a while range of areas - even the Mushrom Kingdom could be invaded by ghosts under permanent night.

It just had to feature vacuuming ghosts.

IMO the Wii controls are suited to it.
8 years ago#7
I kind of hope, after the events of Luigi's Mansion, Luigi and E. Gadd started a ghost hunting service(basically Ghost busters) and in LM2, Luigi starts off with small jobs and going into smaller houses and stuff. Then later on he's hired by a mysterious person to help him with his mansion.
8 years ago#8
I think he made the topic because it's been another year now >_>
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8 years ago#9
It's officially 7 years when it's Tuesday, November 18, 2008. As of now, it hasn't been 7 years yet. It's been more than 6.5 years as of now.
8 years ago#10
ok daniens the one i check and i just look into it so just close this one it won't get much posts anyways a also just trying to help
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