Luigi's mansion 2?

#1ShadowLuigi117Posted 5/29/2008 1:34:40 PM
I've been hearing rumors for a sequel and I hope it's true.I been hearing people say the name will be called,Luigi's mansion:Electric Boogaloo
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#2jessmpro33Posted 5/29/2008 3:16:19 PM

if they did that would be awsome!

and i don't mean to be off topic but ShadowLuigi117 are you on Deviantart and go by the same screenname?

#3ShadowLuigi117(Topic Creator)Posted 5/29/2008 4:06:45 PM
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#4ShadowLuigi117(Topic Creator)Posted 5/29/2008 4:11:03 PM's the only screenname i can think of
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#5jessmpro33Posted 5/29/2008 4:19:38 PM

sweet dude i'm watching you my screenname is Sonicfan33! :D

#6ShadowLuigi117(Topic Creator)Posted 5/29/2008 7:10:08 PM
"Let's a-go"Luigi~Super Smash Bros. Brawl
#7jessmpro33Posted 5/29/2008 7:37:30 PM
I know! and thanks for the watch back!
#8ShadowLuigi117(Topic Creator)Posted 5/29/2008 7:47:46 PM
Also,please check my stories that I made.Yes I know there short and theres bad spelling here and there but it leave the reader wondering whats going to happen next.
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#9jessmpro33Posted 5/30/2008 5:52:45 PM
I am I am! and i love your stories! it creeps the H*ll out of me but i love it!