What IS this "Bowser"?

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5 years ago#1
We'd already figure that it was but a decoy of King Boo's.

But it's still not even specified what exactly it was.

Animated statue?

But my guess is one of those False Bowsers in SMB1 (NES) in Worlds 1-7.
5 years ago#2
Pretty sure it's a robot.
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5 years ago#3
I thought it was the real Bowser that Mario beat and Boo just reanimated. He's been revived in New Super Mario Bros. and probably other games too.
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5 years ago#4
It's a robot to me anyways. They don't need to be Transformer-shaped to qualify as robots, you know.

Heck, I'm sure those seven minions in the original Super Mario Bros. have used theirs similarly - except without King Boo's extended powers.
5 years ago#5
Robot, probably. That head looked mechanical.
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5 years ago#6
A robot.
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5 years ago#7
No I specifically recall King Boo ressurecting and/or reanimating Bowser. It fits the theme of ghosts a lot more than robots, you know?
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5 years ago#8
Bowser never died though
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5 years ago#9
Yeah, even Madame Clairvoya on that, like her previous statements, was incredibly vague about it.

Again, this might be an accurate comparison, but I've always likened this fake Bowser to all of the fake Bowsers in the original Super Mario Bros. in castles 1 through 7.

Also, they don't need to "look" robotic to qualify as such. The fact that this looks lifelike shows how much more advanced it is. That, and it emphasizes King Boo's trickery.
5 years ago#10
Paulkotsu posted...
Bowser never died though

A whole thing in New Super Mario Bros. had Bowser Jr. bring him back to life.
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