Anyone ever played this game competititvely?

#1SuperGamecube64Posted 7/19/2011 8:42:37 AM
I'm a member and moderator of a Nintendo forum where I am holding a Luigi's Mansion competition. The entrants' initial score is the same as his or her money at the end of their game. Additional points are awarded for various things such as gold portraits, collecting all boos, etc.

just curious if anyone else has ever done something similar, maybe even just with a sibling or cousin?
#2Jelley0Posted 7/19/2011 6:10:03 PM
Lol that sounds really interesting. I don't know anyone who would want to do that though
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#3SuperGamecube64(Topic Creator)Posted 7/19/2011 9:01:27 PM
If you want, I'll link you to the forum and you can join the forum, and my competition. (it isn't over until the 26th)
#4Jelley0Posted 7/20/2011 6:45:53 AM
Post it
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Here's a link to the actual topic in question: