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StickyThe Animal Crossing quick reference topic! (Sticky)
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What animal crossing games to play after finishing this one? (Archived)jimreid5664/26 12:50PM
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animal crossing villagers. (Archived)mollyjd13/29 1:36PM
First Animal Crossing 100% World Record speedrun achieved by 0xA101: 70:51:47. (Archived)Storrac22/27 4:42PM
How exactly can I back up save data? I'll do anything. (Archived)piranhapete62/26 10:25PM
a delivery to a villager that is in a campsite (Archived)Pickpickles22/23 11:16PM
Cataloging islander personalities (Archived)piranhapete72/2 4:51PM
Is it possible to hack the villagers you want via Action Replay? or other way? (Archived)N0__Camping4U11/25 8:58PM
easy way to get 100k in hra, getting some feng shui and getting like 500000 bell (Archived)transparentwhit210/11 1:10AM
Download: The "Special Gift" Memory Card Data (Archived)do_0m19/16 11:44AM
LF cat cap (Archived)MidnightMemorie28/28 1:41PM
Hello! (Archived)Super_Penguin278/26 10:00PM
Town map panorama project - I need your help! (Archived)marshsun18/4 1:28PM
Hello? (Archived)
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Super_Penguin2398/1 10:01PM
This place seems dead, though I need Golden Axe help (Archived)Dark_Knight_9457/27 5:33PM
Animals Crossing Ideas (Archived)Gamerideas9816/26 1:51PM
Why are oranges such an anomaly? (Archived)MegamanXfan21xx26/18 7:18AM
HRA help (Archived)Jacob91_returns26/12 12:12PM
Finding villagers who have moved (Archived)hellopastashell25/30 8:01PM