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Is there a science to letter writing?

#1Lotus0123Posted 1/19/2008 3:42:14 PM
In AC:WW There is a pattern that appears when you write letters to townspeople for instance:
One Line letter gets you : A shirt or fruit
Two Line letter gets you: Furniture
Three Line Letter gets you: Wallpaper or Flooring
Is there such a pattern in Animal Crossing (GC)?
I checked a few FAQs and didnt find anything about it....

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#2T_birdPosted 1/20/2008 1:37:08 AM
Wow, you helped me out. I didn't know there was a line system in AC:WW. No more crappy wallpapers for me! I've never heard of that in the GC version. I'll have to test it out.
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#3Lotus0123(Topic Creator)Posted 1/20/2008 12:37:07 PM
Glad I could help...

I seem to be having terrible luck with letter writing in Animal Crossing (GC).
The animals are always telling me they don't understand my letters,
and i have taken a lot of care to make sure I write them with simple words and use
proper punctuation. Oh Well...
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Name: Jason Town: Erie
#4DarthBandinPosted 1/20/2008 3:22:29 PM
Write one with three to four lines. I usually get good stuff.
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#5TheDarkOblivionPosted 1/20/2008 8:32:32 PM
Are you capitalizing and using real words, they dont under stand slang.
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#6Kittyangel44Posted 1/21/2008 6:52:00 AM
the animals can't comprehend anything you write. use short sentences and every line. once you've written them a few times (consecutive days) they will understand your letters. their happiness on your letter writing depends on how frequently you write them. one letter I tend to write over and over goes something like this:

Hey there good buddy (girlfriend)!
I'm glad we're friends.
Here's a present (for you).
You'll love it I'm sure.
Let's go fishing.
Please write back.

No keywords or phrases are necessary.
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#7aortiz_48Posted 1/21/2008 2:35:47 PM
what do you give them
if you give them shells will they not like it as much as if you gave them some thing of worth
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#8Kittyangel44Posted 1/22/2008 5:47:49 AM
give them whatever you have - clothes, furniture, etc. I don't think it really matters what you give them - it depends on how often you write (I stay away from trash and shells). you won't always get something in return but the majority of the time you will. IMO, feng shui and the happiness of your villagers helps to get a good response and better gift.
how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?
#9thetortillaPosted 1/24/2008 11:04:12 PM
Make sure you do a carriage return after each line instead of putting multiple spaces to get to the next; and try not to have words cut off by the lines. I don't think the villagers understand the convention of putting a hyphen at the end of a word and continuing it on the next line.
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#10Dagger_KirbyPosted 1/26/2008 7:25:54 AM
Why send the shells @_@

They get good money if you sell them a pack at a time to Nook.
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