999,999,999 Bells?!

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7 years ago#1
You need 999,999,999 Bells to get the post office model?! Is this even possible without somehow cheating? That's a billion Bells! Has anyone gotten this?
I work hard harvesting lots of fruit and catching fish, and make about 100,000 Bells a day. That's not too shabby, or so I thought. But then I did the math. It will take me 10,000 days at this rate, or about 27 years!
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7 years ago#2
the stalk market is where the money's at, my man
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7 years ago#3
lol yeah or u can cheat i guess with this code

30,000 Bells

let me know if that don't work out
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7 years ago#4
Hm, I've never played the stalk market. What time on Sunday does Joan come again? And what's a good price to buy/sell at?
7 years ago#5
Well, if you use the Island trick apparently you can get 500,000+ bells in a half an hour.
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7 years ago#6
Not sure what the were thinking with the whole 999,999,999 bells thing...at least make the goal a little bit more realistic to achieve.
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7 years ago#7
yeah thats true i started a new game so
Gah i let him have it boss- Mugsy
7 years ago#8
I didn't want to cheat... After all, the only real benefit of getting the post office model is satisfaction. You get nothing else. And cheating cheapens the satisfaction for me, somehow. But a playing Animal Crossing for at least an hour every day for 27 years to earn the money legitimately isn't something I want to do, either. It's like they set it up so you have to cheat to get this model. Are they wanting to reward resourcefulness, maybe?
7 years ago#9
Animal Crossing is great about that. Because you don't actually have to get it, because it serves no purpose other then to look awesome. So if you cheat to get it, the satisfaction will not be there.

The best part is that there is an ultimate goal to it. Say you got it tomorrow, just by doing your hard working routine. Then what? The 999m bells is that hardest achievement, so it's worth the effort to get.

Stalk market is Sundays until I think 10 AM. From maybe 6. Random acres, and she switches around after you talk to her and leave the acre.
7 years ago#10
Maybe it was just that they wanted to give a high Bell limit, for those people who hoard items and money when playing games (we know who we are). I have wished many a time for a higher money limit in a game. Even if you can never spend all of it, at least you feel you are getting something, monetarily. So they put a high Bell limit, but they had to have some reward for maxed-out Bells.
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