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why in my collage rule...

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6 years ago#1
the little person, or keyhole lookin symbol to show that i played that day, why on some days, and not others, is the symbol red, and not brown?
6 years ago#2
This makes absolutely no sense.
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6 years ago#3
Lol, what dude?
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6 years ago#4
Hes asking why, why when he looks in his journal, some of the keyhole symbols for days you've played are red. All I can guess is that it was a holiday and he got the item Tortimer gives you.
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6 years ago#5
that. i supose i didnt make much sence lol
6 years ago#6
Yes, it means there was a special event that day and if it is red, that indicates you partook in that event by receiving some sort of commemorative item.
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