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The Return of Universal Codes for Gold Items, Fruit, Bells, NES Games and More!!

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4 years ago#1
First of all, links to the 2 older threads for memories sake :)
4 years ago#2

Many thanks to Nom de Plume, as well as dog64, bowsersenemy, and Zenithian Legend.

Universal Codes = UCs

You enter UCs at Nooks by talking to him and saying Other Things then Say Code.

First of all, if a code here has a lowercase L or a capital i, it should explain which is which, but just in case it doesn't you can copy the code to notepad and you should be able to tell which is which there. (You may have to change font in notepad if it's not default.)

Secondly, just in case someone does accidentally get a glitched item that you can't remove from your inventory, here is how to remove it: Empty your inventory of everything - all items, all tools, all bells, and letters. You should only have the un-openable present in your inventory. If you have anything else on you, you will lose it and there will be no way to get it back. Catch the train at your station. Once the train leaves your station, hit reset. Endure Resetti if he shows up. The glitched present will be gone. You will have a 'gyroid' face. Save & quit. When you restart, your face will be back to normal.

UCs for Golden Items and Bells are in post 3. UCs for Fruit are in post 4. UCs for NES Games are in post 5. Some other codes for NES Games are in post 6. Info on the remaining 4 NES games are in post 7.
4 years ago#3

The Golden Shovel is actually fun and easy to get! But if you don't want to here's the code for it anyway:


These are the old Project Hyrule UCs. Be careful with the capital i and lowercase L letters in the Golden Axe code. Many players have switched those around & received a glitched present.

Golden Axe:

4 B 2 & p % e G c g I O 7 N - I is capital i
H Z C S 3 h j k K J t l g H - l is lowercase L

Golden Net:

k B 2 & S % e x c g I C 7 S - I is capital i
P O u d E 2 j k K J H y g H

Golden Rod

Y % 9 F U K h r e k P Q 6 a
3 M # 4 & f 3 b d A Z L J f

Now for the classic 30,000 Bells UC:


Here's the newer 30,000 Bells UC:

yY6RcOIZWzED9s - I is capital i
4 years ago#4

(The two fruit codes at the top of the Animal Crossing cheats page here on GameFAQs are broken, they are NOT UCs, they won't work for anyone except for whom they were made.)

Here are the Project Hyrule UCs for all of the fruit:

I'll distinguish Capital i from lower case L at the end of these codes. Alternately, you can just copy/paste these codes into notepad, or word, etc., and they should display normally. This works will all codes, including the NES codes above. We distinguish from Capital i and lower case L here for people who enter the codes directly from these forums (message boards).

Apple ---- AgDFOQlhmI6BoP TY5rRiflA4#Kgk (<--- First l is a lower case L, second is a Capital i, third is a lower case L)
Cherry --- ml%B8kIANISWnf YzlYkgq9eu34#b (<--- First l is a lower case L, second and third are Capital i, fourth is a lower case L)
Pear ----- %A%B8fIAdmSkgf YtlZ3V599ug4#b (<--- First I is a Capital i, second is a lower case L)
Peach --- DnjlhraEjSnKkb QH7s4gwcO7u57K (<---- One lower case L)
Orange--- m7VljXteBBc8AK MZEjvvM&2fC6ph (<---- One lower case L)

One of those first five fruit are randomly native to towns that you create. Therefore, you should only have to enter the non-native ones (unless, perhaps, you chopped down every single native fruit tree?) You could get all these fruit normally by using an extra memory card and keep creating towns on it and visiting them for their native fruit, or by trading with other players. (Native fruit are worth 100 Bells at Nooks, while foreign fruit are worth 500.)

Below is the special fruit, The Coconut, which will only grow if you plant it in any of the squares at the bottom of your map (the squares by the beach/ocean). You get the coconut normally by connecting to the island with a Game Boy Advance.

Coconut -- mnPFnslXmD6Bom TY6sRTqye4wKC%

Now these two items below go with the fruit for some odd reason that I don't quite remember (Unlike the fruit above, these won't grow into a tree when you plant them.), here are the UCs for mushroom and candy:

Mushroom -- C7VljZ6e4j6KAb MhEaG9d72Jx67h (<---- One lower case L)
Candy -------- @njlhLlxzi5KcK QP774TVZn2uSp2 (<---- Both lower case L)

The candy is for getting spooky items on Halloween. (Check the FAQs for details).
The mushroom is from mushroom season which is a couple weeks in October. All you can do is sell them to Nook. (Again, check the FAQs details).

Here, to wrap this post up (for no particular reason) is the grab bag UC:

Grab Bag ------ &fY#9VqO3Qw8kK Sh7GKSkX2Nqw%h

The grab bag contains three random items. (Check the FAQs for details)
4 years ago#5

10 NES Games have UCs. You can also get 5 other NES games with contest codes (see below). There still aren't any codes known for getting the 4 "forbidden" NES games, though there are ways to get them (see below). There are also 2 Unplayable (Fake/Joke/JustForShow) NES Games that have UCs.

First some extra Animal Crossing NES game information!

I'll list all the Animal Crossing NES games with some info related to each one.

Key =

C,R,I,F,and S stand for, in order: Common, Rare, Island, Forbidden, and Show. Common games can be obtained during normal play. Rare games cannot be obtained during normal play (these were mostly won through online contests, and possibly E-Reader). Island games can be obtained by accessing the island with a Game Boy Advance. Forbidden games have no known normal way to get them (possibly E-Reader). Show games are just for show which means they are unplayable.

$,N, and W stand fo, in order: For $ale in Catalog, Not for sale in Catalog, and Withheld (not included) in Catalog.

UC, CC, and NC stand for, in order: Universal Code, NES Contest Code, and No Known Code.

01) C/$/UC - Clu Clu Land
02) C/$/UC - Balloon Fight
03) C/$/UC - Donkey Kong
04) C/$/UC - Donkey Kong Jr. Math
05) C/$/UC - Pinball
06) C/$/UC - Tennis
07) C/$/UC - Golf
08) R/N/CC - Punchout
09) I/N/UC -- Baseball
10) R/N/CC - Clu Clu Land D
11) R/N/CC - Donkey Kong 3
12) R/N/CC - Donkey Kong Jr.
13) R/N/CC - Soccer
14) C/$/UC - Excitebike
15) I/N/UC -- Wario's Woods
16) F/W/NC - Ice Climber
17) F/W/NC - Mario Bros.
18) F/W/NC - Super Mario Bros.
19) F/W/NC - The Legend of Zelda

XX) S/$/UC - NES Console
XX) S/N/UC - Super Tortimer

First up, and easiest, are the 10 games that have UCs. The 7 games listed on the GameFAQs cheat page have different UCs than the ones I have, so I'll list both UCs for those games, though only one is required. (GF stands for GameFAQs UC, PH stand for Project Hyrule UC.)

NOTE: The 3rd to last letter in the second line of the first Excitebike code, the I is a capital i. All other l in these codes are a lower case L.

C/$/UC - Clu Clu Land ------------- #ibXoe4LmHU&Lq fAvo3OSEo3xAHO (PH)

C/$/UC - Balloon Fight ------------- 4f8wOTozqOiVTc Uc2Y9nbJXVaGxi (PH) --- CbDahLBdaDh98d 9ub8ExzZKwu7Zl (GF)

C/$/UC - Donkey Kong ------------- 4f8wOTojqdiGT2 wc2Y9nbJXVaJxi (PH) ---- 2n5@N%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp (GF)

C/$/UC - Donkey Kong Jr. Math -- &4Uv%VimP#uriN J8@nfcyA&UxAeq (PH) - bA5PC%8JUjE5fj ljcGr4%ync5EUp (GF)

C/$/UC - Pinball ---------------------- #4bXoe4JmTU&Ln fAvo3cSMRvxAjO (PH)

C/$/UC - Tennis ---------------------- wl#wookhkFNRRc 8qMAqyKi3NaLJi (PH)

C/$/UC - Golf -------------------------- #4bXotLGPHU&Xc fkvo3OSEo3xAtd (PH) -- Crm%h4BNRbu98d 9un8exzZKwo7Zl (GF)

C/$/UC - Excitebike ------------------ wl#wookpkSNsj2 oqMAqyKi3NaIJi (PH) --- 3%Q4fhMTRByAY3 05yYAK9zNHxLd7 (GF)

I/N/UC -- Baseball ------------------- #4bXotLJPY#&Xn fkvo3cSMRvxABd (PH) --- 1n5%N%8JUjE5fj lEcGr4%ync5eUp (GF)

I/N/UC -- Wario's Woods ----------- wl#wo4kJAmiVjc 8qMAqyKG3NpLJu (PH) - bA5PC%8JUjE5fj 1EcGr4%ync5eup (GF)

Plus the 2 Unplayables:

S/$/UC - NES Console ------------- #ibXoe4IPHU&Lq fAvo3cSERExAHO

S/N/UC - Super Tortimer ----------- wusCMuVlfcBAS8 TXS39UcSYuv6cH
4 years ago#6

Now for the 5 games that have NES Contest Codes....

To use these codes YOU WILL NEED an extra blank (empty) memory card.

For the codes listed below to work you need to create a new town on your extra blank memory card.

Make the player name: Animal and the town name: Crossing. Complete Nook's errands so that you can enter codes with Nook. Enter these codes at Nooks by saying Other Things - Say Code. After you receive these 5 games drop them on the ground near the train station then save. Switch the extra memory card to slot 2 and put your town's memory card in slot 1. Then travel to the new town from your old town via the train station to pick up the games.

NOTE: The I at the end of three of these codes is a Capital i. These codes have no lower case L at all.

Player Name --- Animal
Town Name ---- Crossing

Punchout ------------- xYqYQcijcSmX8D R4Mze6zSg#aoEI

Clu Clu Land D ----- icXY#%tvKmW%tG se25yQWA22qCku

Donkey Kong 3 ----- YZqYQcWhcSm88U &4Mzedza9#aoEI

Donkey Kong Jr. ---- 4OWY#QnvKockts se255%WA27qCcu

Soccer ----------------- xYqYQcWbcSmN8U %4MzP6zfg#aoEI
4 years ago#7

3 of the 4 remaining NES games can be acquired with an Ultimate Codes Disc for Animal Crossing, or the newer Action Replay for gamecube. These give you Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Ice Climbers, but NOT original Mario Bros.

The two discs mentioned above seem to still be available on amazon or ebay.

The only way to get original Mario Bros by yourself is finding an older Action Replay that comes with it's own memory card that let's you enter codes (unlike the newer one mentioned above) or by finding a Gamesaves device that let's you transfer saves from your PC to a Gamecube memory card.

These two items seem to be out of stock and very expensive if you find them anywhere.

If you do find a Gamecube Gamesaves device you can find the save with Mario Bros. here on GameFAQs in the cheat section for Animal Crossing. If you find an older Action Replay that lets you enter codes to it's memory card then you can probably find the code for Mario Bros. at

You can also get Mario Bros (and the other 3 hard to get NES games) by sending a memory card to someone that has one of those two devices and they will put them in your town and send it back.
4 years ago#8

Start new towns until you get the rare three level town. It takes a bit of time, but not too much (mostly you will be scrolling through Nooks text until you get a chance to go up one screen to look at the town map to see if you got the three level town). If you fail just reset and start a new town.

Just keep trying while watching TV or reading a book on the side, and you will have it eventually!

You should be able to tell from the town map signboard if you have a three level down by how it is drawn (you should see three levels). Animal friend houses on the map in the new third (bottom) level will be orange. (Though there might not be a house on the 3rd level yet...) On a normal two level town map (and in the rare three level town), houses are Blue for the first (top) level, and Purple for the second (lower) level.


There's already a good FAQ in the FAQs section about how to choose your characters eye shape, eye color, along with hair color.
4 years ago#9
Hi everyone!


I cleaned up some of this and fixed some errors during the re-post.

I'm back because this is the best Animal Crossing! There are just some things I don't like about the newer ones...

If you have any questions, or see any errors, post away!
4 years ago#10
I just realized after reading a few topics that I'm missing a code for the original grab bag so here goes:

(This should go at the end of Post #4 with the other grab bag code)

Here is the UC for the Project Hyrule Grab Bag #1 (Already posted in Post #4) (I believe this is the grab bag that has carpets and wallpaper).


Here is the UC for the Project Hyrule Grab Bag #2 (I believe this is the grab bag that has a song and 2 NES games just like the original memory card file that do_0m has provided)


and I might as well add this here too:

Project Hyrule Unidentified Fossil:

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