I never heard of this game before.

#1MarioShroomedPosted 4/30/2009 1:34:01 PM
I just happend to wonder if Rare ever had any cancelled games and I came upon all four. And after looking at them I think they all would have done well. This one espically.
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#2Wario_manPosted 5/6/2009 1:52:11 AM
This was one of the first games advertised for the Gamecube. Then it just faded away and then was cancelled.
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#3mariobros_128Posted 5/23/2009 4:00:30 PM
Weird but is this true? On the home page for this game it said it was scheduled to be released in 2999. Doubt it! The GameCube stopped making games in 2007!
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