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StickyKameo: Elements of Power - Ingame Help Topic (Please Read Before Posting) (Sticky)
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MalevolentFish1264/30 9:55AM
0 points A rank cooperative achievements (Archived)LAPOSTOLOSIMONE112/20 12:55PM
Starting on Expert (Archived)Lightwarrior1129/16 9:16PM
Masquerade Pack (Archived)GrimKusanagi15/17/2014
Platinum Hits Version (Archived)GrimKusanagi35/15/2014
Uploaded my favorite Elemental Warriors video on Youtube :] (Archived)bi0hazardxox111/23/2013
This is a good game. (Archived)TEKKEN_Fighter48/1/2013
I feel no guilt what-so-ever buying this game used. (Archived)BlueFlameBat11/19/2013
Really hate the boss battle with Cornallis (Archived)AP1246212/10/2012
Someone help me host games!!! Plz ;D (Archived)sonic_link110/21/2012
She should have a cat transformation. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz27/4/2012
We need a sequel!! (Archived)dadachicken15/19/2012
Looking for co-op partner. (Archived)WeskerTeam15/7/2012
Haha, I didn't remember the controls being so bad when I played this at launch. (Archived)Master_M6414/17/2012
Looking for more people to play online with? (Archived)NinjaGaidenman44/12/2012
Aww! Help Me (Archived)afarnsworth2723/3/2012
Need Help Multiplayer (Archived)Mewi212/21/2011
This game induces Nostalgia (Archived)_Anomaly_110/15/2011
Just got this game for 4 bucks.....not a bad game.. (Archived)Dimon101510/10/2011
I need to finish this game. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz35/28/2011
Kameo Thorn's Airship Expert Mode (Archived)Mewi35/26/2011
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