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6 years ago#1
In case anyone checks this board anymore ...

I'm having trouble doing full circle specials. Specifically, Rock's Shinnku Nage. Everytime I try it I just end up jumping back.

Also, I can't seem to do basic combos because I'm not canceling my normals into specials. Is it just a matter of timing or is there a trick to it I'm not getting? For example, I'm trying to cancel King's c.MP into a HP Mirage Kick (QCB+HP). Everytime I try she just sits there though.
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6 years ago#2
There's a trick called buffering.
It involves starting the motion for the next move while the animation of the first is going.

It is especially helpful in this case:
Rock's Shinkuu Nage can be buffered from his QCB+HK running move, during which you can do the 360 kind of slow if you even want to. While he is phasing through them and crouching on the ground, you can cancel that with the 360.
Something else to note about the 360 is that you only NEED to input 6 directions. By that I mean you can get away with pulling off the move without spinning your entire stick, but by simply going


Makes it a little easier.

As for King's c.MPxxQCB+HP, her c.MP comes out meaty so again you can buffer it. Just go into training mode and practice.
6 years ago#3
Thanks for the reply. One more question: I've seen people use "meaty" a lot to describe attacks, what does that mean?
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6 years ago#4
Also, I tried doing what you said for FC moves, and all I keep doing is his Reppuken (QCF). FYI, I'm using a DS2 and not a stick.
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6 years ago#5
"meaty" attacks are attacks with a great deal of hit frames.

If I had to give a metaphor I'd say it basically means you can throw it out before the player gets up fully and it will still hit because of its large quantity of hit frames. This in turn means they have a lot of cancel frames as well.

The FC trick by only using 6 directions is something to get used to. I'm guessing you meant PS2 Controller, in which I would suggest using the Dpad. For rock's shinkuu nage there are a couple ways to buffer it.

--> Jumping in - while you are in the air, start the motion for the full circle and finish on the ground.
Make sure you press the punch button with the final direction.

--> 6 Direction - The input has to be relatively fast. Normally one does B,DB,D,DF,F,UF+P, which will sometimes give Reppuuken, A super jump, or hopefully the throw. You must do the input fast and press UF+P with some stark tenacity.

--> QCB+HK buffer 360 - This is the most famous way and probably the easiest. I would recommend learning this first since the QCB+HK Setup is pretty good on wakeups and block strings.

When doing the Dodge move, Rock will appear crouched behind the enemy. During that entire time, you can cancel with the FC. To make things easier, you start with a QCB meaning you can do it as follows.


This seems a bit hard when written out like that but the timing is pretty lenient. Just be careful of doing it too much.

--> s. LK+360+P

This is the optimal setup since whiffing won't cost you much and a blocked LK isn't too much to worry about. Buffering the LK is harder since it comes out faster, but I feel it will be much easier than just a standing 360 P.

If I have to go into mechanics, and you are indeed using a PS2 controller, think of it like this.
Using the tip of your thumb, balance your apex on the down D-pad. As if you were doing an ankle roll with your feet by balancing on your toes, simply encircle the Dpad closer towards the centre. Its like a rolling motion completely.

An easier way to practice this is by slowing the speed up in training mode.
6 years ago#6
You need 2 of the following conditions.

-->Finest KO (at least one)
1) counter a super move with a special move
2) counter a special move with a level 3 super
3) counter a super move with a super move
4) finish an opponent with a level 3 super who is taunting

--> 700+ Points

-->Perfect Battle

-->Fight the Mini Boss (Geese x Bison)
the mini boss will always come if you make any of the above requirements. So simply getting 700+ points will let you fight the mini boss, and if you beat the mini boss in turn, you can fight Akuma or Rugal.

To fight God Akuma or God Rugal you must have 2 of these + the mini boss.

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