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You Favorit level (Archived)steffen46421/29/2012
Unlock Biathlon (Archived)unknownleon46/16/2011
Sony briefly reveals Syphon Filter 4 (Archived)RGR490G16/8/2011
Bought this game off psn (Archived)Thomastm3110/3/2010
you know whats funny? (Archived)TokyoNightRider18/24/2010
Benton (Archived)JPController26/19/2010
The two guys in the men's toilets. (Archived)robertwarnes9113/30/2010
In memory of one of the coolest bosses ever... (Spoiler Alert) (Archived)
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If you work for The Agency (Archived)AzumaNaroon310/15/2009
Oh hey guys, don't mind me I'm just being the king of this board lol. (Archived)
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Gabe Logan1110/15/2009
Cheats!!!! (Archived)zeratul318/12/2009
i've owned and beat all syphon filters but this one (Archived)burgereater200617/27/2009
I am the SUPREME-ULTIMA-MECHA-GOD of this board! what was your favorite weapon (Archived)SoF-Rambo27/9/2009
"Gabe, you'll find your load out in the tub." (Archived)
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mission 3 (Archived)
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i forgot how good this game was... (Archived)gabprogamer312/17/2008
Reject secrets, someone else submit them please! (Archived)robertwarnes9157/25/2008
they released part 3 in the store before the second one? (Archived)
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Why Why Why (Archived)Jquam37314/28/2008
I'm more of a king! & what is your favorite thing to do on this game. (Archived)mannington23/18/2008
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