All senior citizens should have life alert.

#1frylock266Posted 7/5/2008 6:08:43 PM
When you have a heart attack like I did, and theres no one there, life alert was there for me.
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#2frylock266(Topic Creator)Posted 7/10/2008 11:14:10 AM
Having a secure feeling through life alert is ideal.
A porcupine doesn't belong in a petting zoo
#3ChrisHanson24Posted 7/12/2008 10:37:43 PM
"The first time I fell was up in that bedrom....and I couldn't reach the phone."
#4ShawnKemp40Posted 7/13/2008 6:38:30 PM
It first struck when I was tossing dwarf at the carnival.
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#5Snosavan24Posted 7/18/2008 11:59:49 AM
Life alert saved my lyfe!
#6frylock266(Topic Creator)Posted 7/25/2008 9:44:15 PM
My independence is possible because of it.
#7ChrisHanson24Posted 8/6/2008 11:32:52 AM
they're there when I need them and I can depend on them....
#8Aoke_JccountPosted 8/16/2008 1:00:55 PM doesnt work :(
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#9ender003Posted 8/16/2008 4:02:42 PM
Weird that it goes to Microsoft's website rather than an error.
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#10frylock266(Topic Creator)Posted 9/9/2008 4:42:15 PM
Thanks to Life Alert, you can live alone without ever being alone, and that’s why I wear one.