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User Info: Petro143

5 years ago#1
Hey guys and gals, I was just wondering what the "highest settings" are on this game for pc. I have an alright graphics card and stuff and things, and I was just curious as to what I reconfigure in the graphics setting in order to set it to the highest quality.
Is it Fast? Fastest? Custom? Or is it (forgive me for asking even though it's a painlessly obvious option) Highest Quality?
Just wondering. I used to play this game ages ago on a barely acceptable computer and I just wanted to play it full blast, best quality now that I have a better cpu and see if it can handle it.
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User Info: smeghead83

4 years ago#2

I used to go for a mix within custome settings to get the best look for the game. Maxing it all out should be fine anyway.

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