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Where do I go after agrabah?

#1ElChino223Posted 9/12/2010 6:53:16 PM
I am really confused as the portal to the north of Agrabah leads me back to twilight town and the one to the right of agrabah leads me to the deep jungle. I already sealed the keyhole in Agrabah and I am really stuck.
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#2KathrynsDadPosted 9/12/2010 7:19:18 PM
Twilight Town is KH2. I think you mean Traverse Town.

Anyway - can't you get to a warp hole right about now? I don't think you need a new gummi piece to get anywhere. From Agrabah you either go on the bottom to Atlantica or on the top to....well, that's a surprise.
#3Moomba33Posted 9/12/2010 7:38:21 PM
The portals were to bring you to Agrabah (I think). You are supposed to go around them on your way to the next worlds.
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#4falconesquePosted 9/13/2010 8:27:28 AM
1. On the Select World screen, with the green cursor highlight Agrabah.
2. Select Warp Drive.
3. Upon arrival, choose Select World (instead of a landing point).
4. With the green cursor, highlight either of the new worlds. Which new world you choose is entirely at your own discretion.
5. Select Normal Drive.

The gummi ship must be "right next door" before the gummi ship can travel to a new world for the first time. Without exception. And Warp Drive only helps revisit worlds already named on the Select World screen.

Very frequently asked question, BTW. Many trip over this restriction at least once. At Agrabah is the most common, but two other times are close seconds. There's a search field below the topic list, if you didn't know.
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#5SinisterSandmanPosted 9/13/2010 2:57:58 PM
You need to activate the green Trinity in Traverse Town before you can continue, I think, and maybe talk to Cid as well. I can't remember.
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#6falconesquePosted 9/14/2010 8:54:18 AM
Nah, that green trinity's not required. And the "portals" (warp holes) are already open, so Cid's not the problem either.

One other thing, though. Shortly after the flight out of Agrabah begins, when the warp hole comes into view steer way over to the opposite side. Stay away from the warp hole. If you have indeed locked Agrabah's keyhole, you can now fly past the warp hole and onward to the next world.

Before locking the keyhole, that isn't possible. The warp hole is dead center and sucks you in regardless.

Also, when the two arrow-like indicators flash on screen, make a choice quick -- left or right. The warp holes are stable, and once opened their pathways never change. The turns are relevant to the direction you're heading, however. And you're pulling to the right, which is why you end up in Traverse Town (rather than Wonderland) or Deep Jungle (instead of Olympus Coliseum).
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