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How do I get yellow trinity?

#1JJkulPosted 3/1/2008 6:31:04 PM
l know I'm just being lazy by not checking a faq, but please help
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#2BahamutHBKPosted 3/1/2008 7:50:52 PM
I believe you get it at neverland.
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#3drewster2Posted 3/1/2008 8:42:42 PM
You get it by completing the Hercules Cup.
#4master_heartsPosted 3/2/2008 9:30:05 AM
"l know I'm just being lazy by not checking a faq"

then go check a faq. we aren't your personal servants by finding stuff for you when you could do maybe 5 clicks and find out for yourself.
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#5Cookie_15Posted 3/2/2008 3:31:58 PM
Drewster2 Got's it right on.
I believe it's open right after you lock Neverland.
Then you gotta beat the Hurculese cup, and if you've beaten teh Phil and Pegasus cup's, then you should get the Olympus Keychain, which isn't really that bad, unless you have like Oblivion.
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