best way to get mystery goo, once and for all

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7 years ago#1
popular strategies I've come across:
same spells 3 times on white mushrooms for increased chance
100 rare truffle bounces
-on deck in neverland so you can fly
-in sewer thing in halloween town to trap with aero bouncing

considering the how often you find the rare mushrooms, which is overall the fastest method?
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7 years ago#2
I'm a fan of Wonderland, because if you do it right, you can get up to three mushrooms in the forest. It kinda depends on your level of skill. If you can bounce well, Halloweentown or Bazaar are good. I've seen others say the End of the World is best, but I haven't tried that.
7 years ago#3
Neverland rare truffles by far. For some reason they are not very rare there, and pretty easy to get bounces on. You don't even have to go all the way to 100 to get mystery goo's. They can drop them at 10, 50, or 100.
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7 years ago#4
I've been doing that since posting, and I got one at 50 each time I pulled it off that far (all 3 lucky strikes equipped of course). only problem there is I have trouble running into parts of the ship and losing the combo. but if I can get them above the sails, there's no trouble
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7 years ago#5
Honestly the best way for me was using the soft reset trick in the Deep Jungle camp area. Was using the same magic three times on the white mushrooms to farm synthesis gems (again, fastest way to get them IMO), and I had more than enough Mystery Goos for all my other synthesis needs by the end of the process.
7 years ago#6
Okay, "Once and for All", the best way to obtain Mystery Goo items is as follows.

1. If you are (or aspire to be) good with juggling mushrooms, then Rare Truffles are your best choice. You can obtain up to six (6) goo per find by juggling two truffles 100 times each before time runs out. Running opinion on the best juggling site is on the Deck at Neverland.

2. If you prefer impossible challenges and like doing things "the hard way", then Black Fungi are your best choice. Halloween Town's Moonlight Hill is probably the premiere locale.

3. If you prefer the quickest, surest method, then the best choice lies with White Mushrooms. Deep Jungle's Camp provides a ready supply, and a handy save point inside the Tent. From inside the tent, stick your head out. No mushrooms? Duck inside, then check again.

If all you seek is enough Mystery Goo to synthesize Ultima Weapon, only five (5) Mystery Goo items total are needed, which makes juggling Rare Truffles the absolute best choice since you can potentially garner every goo required in a single find. Second best choice, and arguably faster (since they make slightly more frequent appearances), is placating White Mushrooms with the same magic three times over -- completing two per find is commonplace; three, rare; four is tilting at windmills, but it can happen -- guaranteed in 2-3 finds, JP; possible in as few as 2-3 finds, elsewhere. Possibilities with Black Fungus are nearly the same, but rarity of goo dropping drops this way to third place.

For myriad techniques, a rundown of locales, and such, mecasim's Mushroom Hunting FAQ is the best first stop.

For specifics on finding and using Mystery Goo, look to WolfKnight's Item Synthesis FAQ.

Thirteen of the walkthroughs mention Mystery Goo and several include good info on their favorite techniques.

For tons of tips on actually accomplishing these feats (besides using Search Topics, of course), the Answers page is happy hunting ground.

While you're there, take a look at the two goo-related Open questions and vote on some of the answers.

Oh, and the overall best hunting ground when gunning for Mystery Goo lies in Halloween Town, on paper at least. From Guillotine Gate cut through the plaza and enter Graveyard, where White Mushrooms may appear. Fire up the platform to Moonlight Hill, hoping for a run-in with Black Fungi. Climb the hill to Bridge and Rare Truffles may greet you. Jump into the drainage ditch and take the shortcut back to the start.
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7 years ago#7
well, good show :) hopefully that'll help people smart enough to search
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7 years ago#8

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7 years ago#9
Thanks. One more.

The best route for collecting Mystery Goo as early as possible is found in Traverse Town, where White Mushrooms haunt the Red Room. In the Second District, enter the Hotel, then Green Room. From there, the quickest circle (and fewest extraneous foes) is Red Room > Alleyway > (hop across to the neighboring balcony) > Green Room > Red Room . . . ad nauseum. Probably stockpile a load of Fire Arts in the process.
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