Not sure how to get these Treasure Chests (Hollow Bastion)

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6 years ago#1
So I dusted the old PS2 and decided to continue this game (I know, I should have finished it already, and KH2, and the weird-titled one for DS, but I fell for World of Warcraft and it paralyzed the side of my brain where the good console games are stored, but now that's over), I had stopped at the part where you go fight the Behemoth in the trippy keyhole room. But you know the Lift Stop area right after the Chapel with the Save Point, you can see a platform in the middle, with 2 Treasure Chests you can pull down with Gravity, I honestly have no clue how to get them. I've looked in the Walkthroughs on Gamefaqs, read the whole Hollow Bastion sections, and I'm either retarded, or someone's playing tricks on me. I've backtracked the blue line that holds the elevators all the way outside trying to figure out how to get in that room, but I know it's probably something simple. I hate continuing a game after a few years of not playing it, especially RPGs, I get completely lost.
6 years ago#2
Funny thing is, I've done this fairly recently but don't recall the exact specifics. From what I recall, there's that special elevator door in the library. You gotta hit the switch at the top of the outside ramp, right outside the chapel. To do that you need to hit the switch at the top level outside to change the orientation of the rising steps. then go up the steps to reach the switch. Then go down and take the special elevator. Sorry, memory is dim, if someone has more specific instructions, go to it. On a slow Saturday, this might be enough to get you started.
6 years ago#3
you have to use one of the red switches to change the destination of one of the lifts to get there. I think it's reached via one of the lifts that can be reached through the library, though don't quote me on this: it's been quite a while
6 years ago#4
Well there's that switch (close to the big yellow blocks that move up/down with the hidden door behidn them), if you hit that switch it rotates a thing, I assume it changes the elevator routes (like railroad tracks), but then I can't find which elevator to get on.
6 years ago#5
It's reached from the upper floor of the library right by the save point (after you fully complete the book puzzle). The switch that rotates the lift track controls which half of the room you access, so remember to hit it after you grab the first chest.
6 years ago#6
...and the weird-titled one for DS.

Since you have the ol' PS2 dusted off, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories was released for PS2 over a year ago. NTSC U/C port of a remake (included in KH2-FM+) of the old GBA game (now DS). Just North America, nowhere else so far. Still in print, Greatest Hits pricing, so ask around.

Oh, as you've doubtless discovered already what can be targetted from below is the platform and a single chest, not two chests.
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6 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
6 years ago#8
only 1 chest? the Lift Stop ledge that you can access after the Save Point in the Chapel, the ledge with no invisible wall to stop you from falling down, it's at the same level as the middle platform and I thought I could see 2 chests there.

Thanks for the info, I'll try getting the chests later.
6 years ago#9
Not that the chests contain anything really useful though (iirc it's a Thundaga-G and an Ultima-G).
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6 years ago#10
Two chests. From memory:

Go into the weird elevator in the library. Go to top; there will be a cutscene of you going outside the castle and into something at the top. Lock on, cast Gravity, open chest.

Then, go back down. Fight way up to right outside Chapel, raising those big stairs by invoking the summoner-things on the side. There's a right and left side to this. Looking at the right as if you were facing the castle, you wil need to hit one of the summoner-things to change the orientation of the big stairs. The ledge will then go from right-to-left and let you hit a summoner-thing. You'll see a short cutscene of something turning. Go back down to the library (jumping off is easiest.) and take the elevator up again. Lock on and gravity.

It's a lot of effort for some stuff you don't reallly need. The real point of doing this is the intellectual curiosity of figuring it out. Enjoy.....or skip it, it's not needed for any items or ending cutscenes.
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