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6 years ago#1
I'm planning to do a bit of a Kingdom hearts marathon next week. But the only game that I have played before is the first one, and though I can't remember the story then I loved it back then.
So I have Kingdom hearts 1 and 2
The one for psp
The one for DS
What would be the best order to play these?
I\m guessing I should start with 1 eh?
The only Kingdom hearts game I don't have is the GBA one. Will I be missing out on anything by not playing that?

Thanks in advance. I probably wont check back until tuesday as I have a few busy days coming up :)
Oh and no spoilers guys, please :)

Oh and a second thing, how long would you guys reckon it would take to complete them all?
I have a week off and as the weather is pretty bad here I'll be having a lot of time for playing these games :P
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6 years ago#2
I'd go with release order, experience the story how it was intended to be told. So yeah, go with 1, then 2 since you don't have CoM, then Days, then BBS. Personally I never thought I missed much by skipping CoM, but some disagree with me. If you do want to play it, you might consider going for the PS2 remake, Re:CoM if it's available where you live.

Well, I doubt you could finish the entire series in a week, even if you seriously hammer the games, but depending on how experienced you are with the games you could make a sizeable dent in it.

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6 years ago#3
Follow the storyline by release order, definitely. The series' storyline builds from one title to the next. It's not an in-name-only series.


BTW, Search Topics for "order" to find lots of other opinions. Arguably the Number 1 most frequently asked question.

KH2 presumes the player knows the story told in Chain of Memories. KH2's opening sequence even includes FMV elements of COM events, in fact. My experience is that yes, the COM story added a layer of depth otherwise missing from KH2 -- missing like a gaping wound. If you skip it, expect some head scratching moments. The words can be read in the Game Script FAQs, but they don't convey inflection well. FWIW, of course. BTW, playing the game's second part is a unique treat in the series.

If you are in North America, the rewrite (ReCOM) is still in print at Greatest Hits pricing. Very fun game, challenging mechanics. A few lines of dialogue were altered, so ReCOM is recommended over COM, unless you're a sprite fiend (said with affection :j). Especially the second part has much rich gameplay elements. But the story is near identical, so it's a near toss up.

On the duration question, depends on whether you lean more toward speed runs or hundred-percent completion. Call it 120 hours combined for the two main console titles (KH, KH2), fairly leisurely but thorough exploration of everything. ReCOM can run its full course (its two games combined) in 20-30 hours. Can't speak for Days or BBS, but with handheld titles durations are commonly less than 20 hours apiece.

Have fun with your marathon. What's interesting to note is that KH was the final game developed by Squaresoft. At the time of its original release, the merger with Enix had just taken place. You'll experience many things in the first game that aren't found elsewhere in the series, and may even be missed.
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FFX, FFXII, KH, KH Re:CoM, KH2, Okage: Shadow King
6 years ago#4
Can't speak for ... BBS

BBS is about 10-15 hours per character, so 30-45 technically, but a lot of that is doing the same thing 3 times.

What's interesting to note is that KH was the final game developed by Squaresoft.

Technically, isn't that FFX-2? I know it has the label of Square-Enix over here, but in Japan is was released as Squaresoft.
6 years ago#5
Yeah, I was just noticing GameFAQs attributes "SquareSoft" over on the FFX-2 pages. (Heh, along with contradictory cover art.) They list "Electronic Arts" for some releases too (botched up Square Electronic Arts LLC perhaps?). GameFAQs also lists Jupiter as the developer for ReCOM, although ReCOM itself names Square Enix as the developer.

My KH U/C copies bear the Squaresoft logo (original & GH in-game; split on the packaging, though). My release-day FFX-2 U/C shows a Square Enix logo everywhere. Regardless, SEH lists April 2003 as the milestone for the merger:

FFX-2 bears what in hindsight appear to be the first marks of the merger's influence, which is why KH (rather than FFX-2) marks the end of the era for me at least. Could be that FFX-2 was all the development magic Squaresoft had left in its cauldrons after sinking everything into KH. (Hmm, I'm reminded of something akin to that seen in KH2; no, no spoilers.) Like I said, could be interesting stuff to watch for. Or not.
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FFX, FFXII, KH, KH Re:CoM, KH2, Okage: Shadow King
6 years ago#6
(Heh, along with contradictory cover art.)

Well, the March 03 original cover has Squaresoft on it.

And, yeah, FFX-2 is weird to me. It really is like the KH2-and-beyond in this series, where I like the gameplay (mostly... looking at you Days), but the story annoys me. KH1 was charmingly simple, CoM has Riku's arc which I really liked, then it's like they didn't know where to go with everything. FFX-2 is the same way, I love Job systems and adding the ability to change mid-battle is great, but they made a sequel to a game that literally wrapped up every plot thread (Yes, even the after the credit scene, the Shiva fayth explained it. Though why that scene is optional I'll never know.) So they had to work in a universe that was done, and completely change it's tone. FFX-2 would've worked better with similar gameplay mechanics and a different universe.
6 years ago#7
Okay, moving away from FFX-2 for minute. It depends how you want to experience the story. For instance, do you want the mystery that comes with not really knowing what's going on? If so, then play them in release order:


If you want to know what is happening with everybody then play it in the chronological order like this:


However, depending what order you play it, it may undermine the impact of certain events - I'm not say it WILL because I played them pretty much release order. Anyway, enjoy.

Back to FFX-2, I thought that Kingdom Hearts was the last Squaresoft game, let me check. Yep, FFX-2 was the last Squaresoft made game. It came out a month before the merger, but everywhere else it is a Square Enix game. Case closed *closes case*.
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6 years ago#8
Thanks for all the replies guys :)
My week off starts now which means that I'm about to start Kingdom Hearts 1.
I'm pretty excited about this, haven't had the time to play a game in months. I shpuld manage a few hours tomight(its already pretty late here in Denmark) and then tomorrow I'm not doing much other than this :P
I'm going to try to finish Kingdom Hearts 1 by Sunday, and will then put a lot of hours into 2 after that.

I'd love to get COM, but sadly that was never released in Europe for the PS2 so I wiould have to get the BGA version which is pretty impossible to track down.

I just noticed that there is an additional game out for the DS, RE-coded or something like that. I just purchased that off amazon. Where does that one fit into the seies?

Alright, time to start this marathon thingie :)

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6 years ago#9
RE-coded...Where does that one fit into the seies?

Anywhere after KH. Re:coded is a port of an old cellphone game, which had only been available in Japan. Generally speaking, it's a barebones rehash of KH's story and worlds, pared down to fit on a cellphone. Apparently for Re:coded they added interface elements, but little else. You may want to read the reviews already posted.

In the main Search field at the very top, try entering "kingdom hearts" to find more info about every game in the series and their various releases.

I hear you about not having ReCOM for EU PS2s. BTW, KH COM works on a DS, too, just like Re:coded. The handheld version is still in print, as I recall (check Amazon), so if you have a DS then you needn't acquire an old GameBoy Advance.

Best wishes with your marathon.
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FFX, FFXII, KH, KH Re:CoM, KH2, Okage: Shadow King
6 years ago#10
Wow it feels great to be back in the world of kingdom hearts. Such a good game and I'm loving it so far. I had forgotten some story elements, so its great revisiting.
Whether I will finish it this weekend or not, I'm not sure :)

Thanks for the reply. I do have a DS but I find it impossible to locate the GBA version anywhere. Too bad really as I'd love to play it.
So RE: coded is a game I can play anytime after finishing KH1 eh? Sounds good :)
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