I forgot: does the sea urchin do anything?

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User Info: Enferolunos

6 years ago#1
The one in Atlantica? It's always bothered me, and if I knew at any point what it did, I've forgotten
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User Info: shadowfreak1101

6 years ago#2
Try casting a Fire spell on it.
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User Info: GenesisSaga

6 years ago#3
First off, there are two of them.

Stay a good distance away from them and cast Fire spells until they explode.

The first one opens up a shortcut between two areas that would otherwise take quite a bit of swimming to traverse.

The second one (which only appears after you've left Ursula's Lair and returned) opens up an otherwise eternally sealed clam containing a Mythril.
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User Info: falconesque

6 years ago#4
You can also just thwack 'em once then move a few steps away, out of the blast radius. Hitting one triggers a countdown of sorts (a blinking that speeds up), the explosion isn't instantaneous.
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  3. I forgot: does the sea urchin do anything?

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