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4 years ago#201
Nice guesses, but it's no white and black doggies, nor brooms either.
4 years ago#202
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4 years ago#203
Nope. It's no white dresses, either..
4 years ago#204

The really fat dude infront of the shop in Traverse Town!!


"Roxas...This is him. It's Sora."

4 years ago#205
Hm. He's not eligible, I wanted to say because he's not named, but we do accept a few characters that aren't in Jiminy's Journal. Glut/Shark for instance, Dolphin, Kairi's Grandmother, but he's not one of them. It's no white shirts either.
4 years ago#206
No one knows, just tell us!
4 years ago#207
Queen of Hearts?
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4 years ago#208
Not it.
4 years ago#209
Clue 4: Skies above!
4 years ago#210
The magic carpet?
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