Guess the Character XXIII

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4 years ago#211
Not it.
4 years ago#212
JCBtheDirector posted...
No one knows, just tell us!

But....that wouldn't be sporting! Anyway, someone is on the right track. So an additional clue:

Clue 5: Sun below!
4 years ago#213
Cheshire Cat?
PSN: guythesamurai
4 years ago#214
Nope. It's no white grinned kitties either.
4 years ago#215
Kind of a shot in the dark but....

Cards (Hearts)?
PSN: guythesamurai
4 years ago#216
Oh, what the hell...Cave of Wonders?
4 years ago#217
The flowers?
Saix, he is a member of organization 13. S-A-I-X, got it memorized?
4 years ago#218
Best gaming system? NES
Official Squall Leonhart of PSABR Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
4 years ago#219
Erm, Peter Pan?
4 years ago#220
None correct. It's no white cards and it's no white eyebeams and it's no white petals.
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