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I would have been happier with just KH & KH II HD Collection...

#1BishopofAbyssPosted 9/29/2012 12:32:28 AM
instead of the original, Final Mix etc

I feel the core of the series is comprised of KH & KH II, so I felt if they were going to do a remake, stick with the games that were on the PS2 that majority of fans recognize, but hey that's just me.

I wanted both KH and KH II, HD cuz now it's just going to be awkward lol, how/when are they going to release KH II. from what I understand it still not confirmed if we're getting a copy here in NA, so maybe some things to ponder..
#2SinisterSandmanPosted 9/29/2012 2:40:07 AM
Why wouldn't you want Final Mix? As long as they translated it, it would just be an enhanced version of the original, as it was meant to be as opposed to how they initially released it...
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#3falconesquePosted 9/29/2012 8:53:50 AM
FWIW, I wouldn't want the Final Mix releases supplanting the originals either, because they're hacks made after the fact. Not that KH's original story was Pulitzer material, never that, but they wedged in excuses for the latest coder's favorite notion or an unrelated boss fight, and the story attached is justification, not illumination.

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More important, to myself at least, the Final Mix (like the subsequent series releases) doesn't respect the thoughtful design evidenced in KH. If a player doesn't check behind a door, then maybe it should cost them and leave the red trinity count incomplete in Journal.

They wanna include both the original and the hacks, well, that's another matter, of course. :j (I'm one of those who waited for those dual-DVD Star Wars releases, BTW.)

To the TC, it's a good point, though I'd like to see them stick to a straight PS2-to-PS3 HD release at this stage, but worldwide and including ReCOM for everyone. Less cost and faster, with very little to redesign for a full console or to rewrite. (Which they will; they can't seem to stop themselves. You're welcome to prove me wrong, SE.)

Including KH-Days breaks the "release order" the games rely upon. And only makes more questions for us.
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#4foo1239Posted 10/9/2012 10:53:50 AM
^ I don't understand. It's not like they are adding anything significant to the story, and its not like they are unprofessional mods, its an enhanced version of the game. The only thing they did was add to it. There are more bosses is you want them, more synthesis if you want it, more sidequests if you want them, and even extra equipment if you want that. The only thing that's mandatory is the Roxas battle in KH2FM, and people complained that it wasn't there in the first place. Both Final Mixes are all around better games. They literally have everything KH1 and KH2 did, and more.
#5falconesquePosted 10/10/2012 6:07:37 AM
The red trinity was moved...why? Considering those motivations might help with your understanding.

Mostly, approving the FM changes, however innocuous you may gauge them, also gives carte blanche approval to any changes they feel like making.

The tidbits surfacing show they are making signficant changes, along with strong hints SE may even be building for the exact same release schedule -- a quick JP release; a "finished" NA release, trickled out to the world; then a Final ReMix release. I would not be surprised if SE even went against tradition and specifically region-coded the Final ReMix for Japan only.

Thanks, but no thanks to the regional falderall. Remaster the originals, allow for high-quality scaling, but leave well enough alone.
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