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3 years ago#1
I've already beaten KH 1 + 2, but with the announcement of KH 3 (finally) I want to go back and re-play the others to refresh my memory on all the story details (and have some fun).

However, now I see all of the "other" KH games are available on PS2/3, and it gets me thinking if I should play them as well or not. Are they terribly important? And if I should play them for the whole story, what order would be best for the chronological order?

Eh, keep in mind though, I don't particularly WANT to play the extra ones/sub plots unless the story is both important for the next game and/or an enjoyable game to play in it's own right. I would be playing the PS2/3 versions and not the handheld versions, if that makes any difference (I know some ports aren't as good when you aren't playing them on the system they were intended for).

Thanks a lot! :)

Glad to be back!
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3 years ago#2
All the games have something to contribute to the story.Not all are playable in the HD versions either.CoM got released as ReCoM on PS2,so there's one.ReCoM is also playable in 1.5 ReMix.The cutscenes from Days are also in 1.5.

It's not confirmed that 2.5 is coming to the US yet,unless it was confirmed recently,I may be wrong.

If you wanted to just learn the important details about the handheld games,you could play DDD.I know it's on the 3DS,but it offers summaries and character bios as well as being set directly before 3.

I would recommend playing as many as you can,I've played most of them and enjoyed them.Here's a list of the handheld games for you.

Handheld games:

Chain of Memories (CoM) for GBA
358/2 Days (Days) for DS
Birth by Sleep (BbS) for PSP
ReCoded (Coded in Japan) for DS
Dream Drop Distance (DDD) for 3DS

I've played all but ReCoded and CoM,but I'm playing ReCoM right now.Days,BbS,and DDD are worth playing through in my opinion.You just have to consider if you would rather play them,or just know what happened.

Edit: Forgot to tell you,the HD remixes have the Final Mix versions of KH 1 & 2.That may be a deciding factor for you,thought I'd let you know.
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3 years ago#3
Well, you weren't kidding about the story...

I decided to go read a big ol' summary of the entire story from BBS to DDD. Guess what? Confused me to no end, lol! So I read another one... still confused... watched two videos explaining things... I understand more now, but holy cow! There's so much to remember! (Mostly about who is who... is who... is who... is them... times many...)

I'm sure for people who played the games as they came out, it's no big deal, but I can't see how they expect anyone new to enter the series with the new games coming out and not be completely frustrated. I remember going from KH1 to KH2 back in the day and even THAT confused me, because I didn't play CoM, but they give you enough info as you get through the game to sort of understand it better.

Not complaining, by the way, I think it's a great story, just a little hard to grasp or even just pick up and play a new game unless you own all systems and previous games.

I myself do not own a GBA or DS (anymore) or a PSP, so I was hoping they would port all of the extra games to the consoles they started with (PS2/3/4). It's a bit frustrating how limiting they are making it for people who only own the original systems they started on.

It saddens me. :(
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3 years ago#4
You can always play the DS games on the 3DS if you can find them.

I understand your confusion.I only started playing KH a year and a half ago.I started with BbS so I didn't even know what a heartless was.Almost a year after that,I decided to get the other games.So alongside trying to understand the plot and lure,this is what I went through just trying to play the games:

I checked the prices of the games on Gamestop's website,saved up enough cash,and set out to buy a PS2 and as many of the games as I can.I was able to find the first game,but they didn't have the others.So I find some other games I want,and start to checkout.They were out of PS2s.

So I look up the numbers for every Gamestop near where I live.Sometimes they actually answered,and after waiting for them to check their inventory,help out customers,they tell me they don't have any.So I call another and they NEVER pick up the phone.And the same thing happens a few more times.I call the second to last number left,and they go to check the inventory.Like six minutes later they haven't even replied.So I call the last number.No answer.Desparate,and enraged,I call back the location I called before.They answer,apologize,and confirm that they have a PS2.

So I convince my parents to take me back to my local store first and get the games I wanted.I'm so happy that I'll finally be able to play the games,and as I'm about to leave,we ask the manager if he could call the other location to ask if they could hold a PS2 for me.And the guy in line behind me hears this,and just so happens to be trading in his PS2.He trades it in,it works fine,and I buy it.Not only did it save me yet another trip,but they couldn't take one of his controlers because it was missing the padding on the analog sticks.So he gives me the controler free.

After a few more months I found all the other games and was glad that I didn't give up.So I can get being distraught and frustrated,but don't give up!
Kingdom Hearts 3! I knew there was a reason to keep watching! :D
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3 years ago#5
It only seems complicated because it's so massive. As time goes on, the info will sink in and you'll remember it. You've played 2 games of 7, with all but Coded contributing massively to the story.

For comparison, I read the book series A Song of Ice and Fire after getting into the show Game of Thrones. I read all 5 books within a month, then spent the next three scouring message boards and the most reliable wikis recommended by fans and I'm just now starting to grasp exactly who everyone is.
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