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Guess The Character XXVIII

#1HmongBeastPosted 7/9/2013 7:54:22 AM
Welcome to Guess The Character: The Twenty-Eighth Edition! New players always welcome!

The rules are as follows:


Guess the Character: Rulebook

Rules are almost exactly the same as in Guess the Heartless, but Heartless cannot be given as clues and Final Mix characters don't count (I don't know if there are any different?). You don't have to be able to fight the character either, so it may be slightly harder in some respects than its cousin.

For people who haven't played Guess the Heartless, rules are:

1) Clues are given based on characters from KH1 only. No Heartless. A character may only be used if he or she has been named, either in KH1 or KH2, although characters are required to have made an appearance in KH1 specifically. Try to avoid using clues based on source material other than KH1 itself, such as movies and television shows, books and the like, even if they include the Heartless or character you are using in your clue.

2) Only the person who guesses the previous answer correctly may post clues. If a clue-giver's clues span over more than a single page, it would be helpful to recap the clues given so far for the benefit of other posters.

3) If a clue-giver is missing from Guess the Character for two days, another poster may take over their clue with one of their own. This is true even if notice is given.

4) Try and stay away from fightable characters if you can, so this topic and the other don't clash.

5) One character per clue - no teams, such as Lock, Shock and Barrel.

6) Once guessed, your answer cannot be changed until the clue-giver confirms or denies the answers as being correct. One guess per confirmation, in other words.

7) If your answer is correct, the clue-giver must say so and post the score list, adding a point to the person's name. The person should be moved up the list accordingly, so the points are listed numerically, with the largest score at the top of the list and the lowest at the bottom. The person who scored then takes over the clue.

8) Try to read other people's guesses first before posting your own, in case someone else already guessed the same answer before you.

9) If a guess isn't going to be counted for certain, then technically you haven't used up a guess at all. So if you guess a character who is KH2-specific, for example, you know it doesn't count and can guess again.

10) If a new topic is created for Guess the Character, copy-paste these rules from the asterisk at the top of the rules to the asterisk at the bottom of the rules. Include the asterisk in this process, or this rule will make no sense.

11) If the rules need to be outlined in-topic, link to an appropriate page of a topic containing the rules or copy and paste the relevant section of the rules rather than reposting the entire long-ass list all over again.


New players are encouraged to read the rules. As are old timers. Keep 'em fresh in your minds.
#2HmongBeast(Topic Creator)Posted 7/9/2013 8:01:21 AM
Updated List
KathrynsDad - 70
GenesisSaga - 48
yogos - 26
SinisterSandman - 23
BazookaKid - 14
CorbinSchmorbin -12
JCBtheDirector - 12
koollizard - 10
Chrono_D_Ninja- 8
showmevideogame - 8
Hmongbeast - 7
KeybladeVIII - 7
lobsterfest - 7
MagiciteKefka - 7
itsyourlife - 7
khcloud2005 - 6
guythesamuri - 6
Roxas_Is_Sora_X - 6
Babotz - 5
DwyaneWade90000 - 5
thegamerking123 - 4
Sunladis - 4
pkmndaisuki - 4
ninja_girl232 - 3
ljypaco - 3
HylianAngel - 3
KHBlitzgirl - 3
Saphire_Kitsune - 3
zooink2 - 3
tveye363 - 3
GX1997 - 3
Tweekscute - 3
Gavo610 - 2
Kairifan227 - 2
GingerKid48 - 2
Das_Guttersnipe - 2
stumpyninjacow - 2
WoIfOfLight - 2
Whose_the_Man - 2
the_pretzel2 - 2
CrusnikJAB - 2
shocker8888888 - 2
Ultimatechidori - 2
Carbuncle009 - 2
donpatch777 - 2
LeoTheRover - 2
swimfreak660 - 2
Lunearetic - 2
Krazoa2 - 2
Sora_X_RoxasX - 2
Pleasance13 - 2
Masterofflys - 1
thenacho -1
aaronc_g -1
Adonis3141 - 1
Shark8637- 1
StRaFe_ThiiS_Br - 1
Namadu - 1
sardgo - 1
cloutier2012 - 1
skategamesrule - 1
Linkachu65 - 1
TrueLink - 1
Bane_Of_Despair - 1
AnonysaurusRex - 1
TotalPotato - 1
Claws0 - 1
saintkd - 1
avataR_Keyblade - 1
DevilDawq - 1
aMichaelm - 1
XBladeWielder - 1
TokioJapo - 1
Raka_Putra - 1
_llinxx_ - 1
Thamauturge - 1
K_G_A - 1
archie44 - 1
LInk_SORA_Ash - 1
KHPatrick - 1
Dark_Mega1 - 1
falconesque - 1
DrFrob - 1

Last Topic

Last rounds GTC
Clue 1:Look Ma! No hands!
Clue 2:My eye sees all...
Clue 3:Right Hand-less man...well not literally
Clue 4:I'm quite Fast, if i say so myself

Sinister Sandman got the answer which was Jetsam.
Would you like to take a crack at the clues?
#3SinisterSandmanPosted 7/9/2013 10:38:24 AM
Clue 1:Look Ma! No hands!
Ursula would be 'Ma' and eels don't have hands.

Clue 2:My eye sees all...
Quite literally, Jetsam uses one eye to view everything on Ursula's behalf.

Clue 3:Right Hand-less man...well not literally
I think Jetsam is on the right, and Flotsam on the left... or the eyes correspond to a particular eel in terms of right and left. No hands again, and definately not a 'man'.

Clue 4:I'm quite Fast, if i say so myself
I actually missed this clue... it's probably a pun on 'Jet', the capital letter being an indication to the start of a name.


My clue!

Clue 1: Healing Fire.
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#4HmongBeast(Topic Creator)Posted 7/9/2013 10:52:11 AM
You got the clues right!

as for my answer: Mushu
#5SinisterSandmanPosted 7/9/2013 12:51:39 PM
Gum-Gum Gummi Ship: Blueprint Active!
"The show where everything's made up and the points don't matter! Let's have some fun!"
#6KathrynsDadPosted 7/10/2013 7:50:54 PM
Genie Jafar. LOVES that fire.
#7SinisterSandmanPosted 7/10/2013 9:38:43 PM
Far be it from me to say no, but... no.
Gum-Gum Gummi Ship: Blueprint Active!
"The show where everything's made up and the points don't matter! Let's have some fun!"
#8KathrynsDadPosted 7/10/2013 9:48:42 PM
#9SinisterSandmanPosted 7/10/2013 10:54:09 PM
Interesting twist. Not it.
Gum-Gum Gummi Ship: Blueprint Active!
"The show where everything's made up and the points don't matter! Let's have some fun!"
#10HmongBeast(Topic Creator)Posted 7/11/2013 8:34:21 AM
If not Ursula then how 'bout the fiesty Ariel and her cure spells.