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Any reason that they made Maleficent the leader and most wicked Disney villain? (Archived)
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slk_23125/10 10:50AM
Quiz - Answers Required (Archived)SinisterSandman95/9 10:32PM
bought this for $3.99 @ a bargain bin, buyig it for my 16 yr old brother (Archived)
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LEGiT2015205/3 11:24PM
New to the game, tips? (Archived)n7titan24/18 5:31AM
Hardest boss in your opinion (excluding optional ones)? (Archived)
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littlelionsam274/17 8:21PM
Back in 2002, was there anybody who was honestly NOT surprised by the crossover? (Archived)slk_2334/6 2:12AM
Questions about Gravity (Archived)paulstreet44/4 7:42PM
trapped in library (Archived)AzureKite1844/3 7:37AM
Guess The Character XXX (Archived)
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SinisterSandman5003/31 7:36AM
colliseium question (Archived)BlackSnow1233/26 8:35AM
Leveling Advice-About to fight Maleficient (Archived)missind3333/19 12:34PM
So am I the only one who doesn't even want a KH3 anymore? (Archived)
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LukeSkyvvalker113/16 6:22PM
Optional boss (Archived)mindscrape73/14 9:32AM
Question (Archived)JuicyHamburg3r23/10 8:32PM
Weapons (Archived)Angelalex24283/5 7:36AM
Deep Jungle (Vines) (Archived)PlowUnder3GG32/24 6:50AM
Alright once and for all, what to choose in the beginning (Archived)
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LukeSkyvvalker132/23 8:11AM
Best place to buy kingdom hearts and a PS2? (Archived)
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Lawlfulcoptors1112/17 8:12AM
Glitch in my game? (Archived)DevilishStyles32/16 8:09AM
help in finding serenity power (Archived)AhadEjaz42/13 10:47AM