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No Wonder Ice Titan Seemed Hard (Archived)
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Air soldier (spirit gem) after Hollow Bastion (Archived)Asterra310/6/2013
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX (Archived)Keez2007310/5/2013
This is game has far and away the best story in any of the KH games. (Archived)Quantumpencil710/4/2013
Guess The Heartless XXX REVIVAL! (Archived)
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dalmations in Alladin's house? (Archived)instagatorfd29/17/2013
Can we change the Phantom's name to Phantom 4-Shadow? (KH3D Spoilers) (Archived)NegaManEXE29/12/2013
Kingdom Hearts Leveling Pace (Archived)toddysrinni49/11/2013
How do you get back to the clock tower in Neverland? (slight spoilers) (Archived)ChaseXtreme29/11/2013
Utada Hikaru's mother commits suicide... (Archived)Yogos99/11/2013
I hope y'all are voting for Sora... (Archived)SinisterSandman39/7/2013
Mystery Mold In Final Mix (Archived)Bongdre69/5/2013
Play-time Clock question (Archived)NorionGamer59/5/2013
And now Riku? (Archived)SinisterSandman68/21/2013
Hd version? (Archived)
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I'm a bit stuck progression-wise: How to get to The End of the World? (Archived)96kidbuu78/13/2013
Tigger's Giant Pot - High Jump (Archived)mriiszhia28/10/2013
I Did It!! I Beat Sephiroth!! (Final Mix Proud Mode Helpful Tips) (Archived)FurryShep28/8/2013
Who's harder? Sephiroth or Phantom? (Archived)Felwell95108/7/2013
Why do all the original Kingdom Hearts characters technically belong to Disney? (Archived)slk_23108/7/2013