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Atlantica Need help!! :D (Archived)misakisses37/16/2013
Did it annoy you how they depicted Cloud so weak compared to Hercules (spoilers) (Poll)slk_2377/12/2013
11 years after the release of Kingdom Hearts, do you still play the game? (Poll)hisroyalbonkess77/12/2013
Guess The Character XXVII (Archived)
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Is Donald's AI smart enough to fight Phantom secret boss? (Archived)rizegreymon3387/7/2013
One thing that kind of bugs me about this game's difficulty (expert) (Archived)Mr_GGFan67/6/2013
This game is my childhood (Archived)InnerSolace87/5/2013
This game is better than I thought it would be. (Archived)DragoonGriffith97/4/2013
How far am I into the game (updated) ? (Archived)Joeeetm97/4/2013
Order To Play Games In (Archived)NINKOjIN56/30/2013
A sad story.... (Archived)mu69526/30/2013
Keyblade for after Hollow Bastion <possible spoils I guess> (Archived)Truthtela96/29/2013
How far am I into the game? (Archived)Joeeetm26/27/2013
Alright folks, question (Archived)topbrawler106/27/2013
Was at some random thrift shop today... (Archived)NarutoFan18026/24/2013
Can you change the language on this game? (Archived)Grand_Blue36/23/2013
To Think This All Started with a Trip on a Raft... (SPOILERS) (Archived)Dawn_Wanderer76/21/2013
Whoa, I did NOT know that this game was based on Super Mario 64! (Archived)slk_2326/19/2013
Did anyone else do this? (Archived)DaRkNeSsOfHeArT46/17/2013
KH3 revealed. (Archived)
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